Thursday, March 17, 2016

Quitting Apps Doesn't Prolong Your iPhone's Battery Life, Apple Confirms


Predominant Software Myth Dispelled by Apple

One of the most predominant software myths of closing iOS apps tends to help in preserving the battery life has been finally dispelled by Apple that running unused apps would not be draining the phone battery. iPhone and iPad for years had left unused apps by double tapping the home button and tapping the apps upwards in order to eliminate them in the mistaken belief that it tends to speed up the device or makes the battery last longer.

Several of the iPhone users carefully power up and shut down apps owing to widespread belief that it would help to prolong their iPhone inspite of rumours that this type of maintenance could do just the reverse. The outcome is that several apps tend to be suspended and stop to utilise system resources once the user switches away. If one goes back to the app, it tends to spring back from its frozen state.

Vigorously shutting of the app could force the system to repeatedly reload the app which could result in more stress on the phone contributing to battery usage. The only apps which tend to run after it is switched away are GPS navigator, audio recorder or Spotify app which plays background music.

Preserve iPhone Battery Life – Disable Background App Refresh

One can actively preserve iPhone battery life by disabling Background App Refresh that automatically updates content on suspended app. Keeping in mind that Background App Refresh is smart regarding updates content, such as when a phone is plugged in or when it is already in active use, it is still not a big battery user. Location services seem to be one of the biggest energy drainer.

Hence turning them off for underused apps seems to be another way of preserving the phone’s life. To check the phone’s battery sucking information, one could go to `Battery Usage’ section under `Setting’ which will break down the biggest battery users on the device. Senior vice president of Apple’s software Engineering and head of iOS, Craig Federighi responded to an email from a customer questioning Tim Cook whether he closed apps in multitasking often and whether the action was essential for battery life. Federighi wrote `I know you asked Tim but I’ll at least offer my input – No and no :-)’

Launch of Latest Version Smartphone/Tablet Software iOS 9.3

The company has been preparing for the launch of its latest version of smartphone and tablet software iOS 9.3 in the next few weeks wherein the new features would comprise of a permanent warning message on the home screen of company iPhone, a night mode to advance sleep which is due to a shift in the light emanating from the display and the skill to remove the default app that mess up the screen.

The next important release is scheduled to be iOS 10 which would possibly be announced in early June at Apple’s annual developer’s conference WWDC. It has also been reported that Apple intends to launch a 4-inch iPhone known as the iPhone SE or special edition, at an event on March 21 in San Francisco.

The new handset is said to feature a 12-MP rear facing camera, a near field communication –NFC chip for Apple Pay support together with a Touch ID fingerprint scanner. The launch of the iPhone 7 is anticipated, which is the next main iPhone release scheduled in September. It has been reported to have no 3.5mm headphone jack, a camera lens flush with its body and redesigned plastic antenna bands.

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