Friday, April 1, 2016

The Roadmap to Success in JEE Mains - Success StrategiesMantra

As engineering students, you all are already aware the importance of JEE Mains examination. It is the gateway to IITs and NITs, considered as the best institutes for studying engineering in India. There is superstitious belief that it is not easy to crack this examination. But in actual, if you follow punctual, uniform and smart strategies, it is not a hard nut to crack.

Strategies such as provided below if followed religiously are a win-win situation.

1.Patterns of the exam papers:      As we all know that JEE Mains consists of two papers – Paper 1 and   Paper 2. It is important to know them well, regarding the question patterns and negative markings as well.
  • Paper 1 has either options to appear online or offline examination format, having questions from Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry with multiple choice questions (MCQs) and objective type questions. The questions are proportionally divided equally among these three subjects. Each of these questions carries 4 marks and for any wrong answer, there is a negative marking. The examination duration is 3 hours. 
  • And Paper 2 is for the students who are aiming for Architecture and Planning career. This paper is made up of three parts such as – Mathematics belongs to Part I, AptitudeTest is Part II, and DrawingTest is Part III.
2.Mock Test Practices: It is a necessity to do numerous practices on Mock Test thoroughly without leaving a single questions untried or undone.
  • Try analyzing each and every answer every time you are done with a mock test. 
  • Try harder to the question you find difficult to answer during the mock test. 
  • Give equal importance to all the subjects that are part of JEE Mains examination. 
3. Eating and Sleeping Pattern: Equally important is to have healthy eating habits of good diets like vegetables and fruits that will help you keep healthy and strong during your preparations for the JEE Mains. Also, make sure that you have regular of 6-7 hours of sleep, without having to stay awake during the night.

4.Time Management Practice: Along with mock test, make sure that you need to have the practice to up your time management on the questions.
  •  Do make sure that you do not spend more than 4 minutes per question. 
  • Make it a habit, so that when you face the actual exam, it will be a common ground for you.
5.Joining A Coaching Class: You can study on your own with strong determination to succeed. But at the same time you will not regret joining a coaching class.
  • At the coaching class you will meet like-minded fellow aspirant students, and will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and group discussions. In exchanging knowledge and teaching one another you get to learn more and know where your mistakes are. 
  • Also, at the coaching classes, you will get hold of many important study materials which you cannot find easily on the internet or other sources.
6.Regular Study: Make time; chart out a regular timetable to study.
  • Make sure that you study regularly every day, without skipping even a day. 
  • Study at least 4-5 hours daily but wholeheartedly and with full determination to succeed. There is no meaning even If you study whole day and night or for 13-14 hours if there are no proper arrangements or timetable.
Remember to make hay while the sun shines. For, if you are not giving your best to shine when it is the right time for you, you will forever regret it. So, make the most of the above strategies and success in the JEE Mains is surely on your way.

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