Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Apple's Crazy iPhone Plan: No major Update Until 2017, then a 5.8-in, OLED Beast

Apple iPhone rumors doesn’t seem to stop at all as one of rumor proclaims that next iPhone will feature a large display of 5.8 inches with curved OLED screen. This rumor has been circulated by the KGI’s Ming Chi Kuo who has asserted that given the stiff competition in the global smartphone market Apple will be making a significant change in its design language.

It is also known that Apple tends to make some outlandish and visible changes with the phone design with ‘each new’ iteration of iPhone. 2017 is assumed as the year where Apple will be launching its refreshing new iPhone having a different design language. So Ming believes that Apple will be bringing a big iPhone in 2017 with 5.8 inch size and having the coveted curved OLED glass screen which can only be found in the Samsung flagship S6 and S7 series.

Thinner iPhone to debut in 2017

Ming has even asserted that Apple will be launching the new iPhone based on the design theme of the popular iPhone 4 but it will come with a curved display technology. Apple will certainly be thinking about releasing next age iPhone to be thinner than earlier variants but it will keep the stand iPhone design language intact. In order to go thinner the best way is to get hold of the curved glass technology. Curved glass is already seen on the Samsung S6 and S7 Edge devices which have made it possible for the Samsung to please the consumers again. Samsung has even started offering its curved glass technology to the rival OEMs such Vivo has recently launched a device having the same curved glass design.

Ming expects Apple to bring some new features like wireless charging as well as biometric recognition technology on the next iPhone and having curved glass technology seems a sensible solution.

Ming insights are quite provoking in nature

Ming is a noted and reliable Apple analyst who has been offering quite true finding on the online forums for quite some time. It is widely known that Apple will certainly be revamping its iPhone lineup in 2017 in order to remain competitive and up to date with the changing scenarios of the smartphone market. Ming even strays away from his earlier insight where he stated that Apple will be making use of AMOLED screens for iPhone in 2018 but now he is stating that Apple will be opting for the curved glass technology instead.

AMOLED screens are known to offer a greater range of colors, which has made it quite popular, and more and more number of OEMs are using it on their devices. Samsung makes a bulk of its revenue through selling the AMOLED display to the rival smartphone manufacturers. Ming has asserted that Apple’s next iPhone will certainly feature a new form factor which will be made by narrowing the bezels and offering a better and comfortable grip to the users.

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