Tuesday, March 29, 2016

iPhone SE Puts the Same Engine in a Smaller Exterior

iPhone SE
Apple launch event of iPhone SE has not caused the same frenzy as the last year’s iPhone 6S launch. Rumor mills have almost killed the suspense this time by literally offering everything from the size to specifications beforehand. Apple is known to be one of the most secretive companies when it comes to launching of new devices as it tries to hold to the information till the last second.

Most of the users were left wondering by the unique name picked by the Apple for its latest 4 inch iPhone model i.e. SE. SE simply stands for the Special Edition which comes with screen size of just four inches and Apple has lastly released a four inch model four years ago in the name of iPhone 4. This time Apple is trying to woo the customers who are looking for smaller yet powerful devices at a premium range.

Intentions of Apple behind launching smaller iPhone variant

Apple is under extreme competition from the rival manufacture Samsung which has been launching slew of phones tablets at varying sizes on different price points. This has helped Samsung in having product in every price segment and at each screen size. Apple is having a tough time as it have just one iPhone 6 series which has been loved and even hated for its jumbo size. Therefore Apple has to be to bring a new advanced and powerful iPhone which has smaller size and can please the old and new consumers.

Noteworthy features in iPhone SE

iPhone SE offers better battery life than the iPhone 6S almost 30 percent better. All those users who have been slamming and complaining about poor battery life can rejoice at the thought at having better battery life on the iPhone SE.

Apple has priced the powerful and small iPhone SE as the most affordable iPhone at just $400 without a contract. For all those consumers who were looking t buy their first iPhone but couldn’t do so due to premium price point will be able to buy their first Apple smartphone. iPhone SE might be small in size but packs all the features and specification of elder sibling iPhone 6S. The new SE comes loaded with extensive range of popular features like Apple Pay, fingerprint unlocking, Hey Siri digital assistant and Live Photos.

The only thing which was missing in the iPhone SE is the acclaimed 3D Touch. iPhone 6S has a highest selling point with its coveted 3D touch which allowed users to perform different actions on the basis of the pressure applied on the phone’s screen.

A phone you will love to use

iPhone SE is as powerful as the iPhone 6s as it has the same processor which helps this small device to perform multitasking and various other activities with ease and grace. Apple even states that iPhone SE is about 70% more faster at opening apps, processing things as well as other tasks than iPhone 6S.

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