Monday, March 21, 2016

How to Unlock iPhone Without Password

iPhone users know how difficult and frustrating it might get when you forget your password. Apple iOS doesn’t allow users unlock the phone once the passcode is set without entering it. Users can try for 8 times to enter the passcode after which all the phone memory will be erased in order to safeguard the privacy of the users. However a recent video uploaded on the YouTube offers a very smart and innovative which can easily override the passcode unlock feature. In simple words users will be able to unlock the device without even entering the passcode. It is the first that such trick has been discovered which can successfully bypass the iOS security feature that also within a few seconds. So next time you forget your passcode then don’t get frustrated try this trick and unlock your device.

Steps to unlock the device

The video shows few very simple and easy to do steps allowing users to swiftly get into the phone without the need of typing the passcode. As per the video instructions one has to hold down the home button key present while being on the lock screen. This will result in popping up of Apple’s personal assistant Siri. When Siri is gladly listening to you then ask it about the time then give a click on the clock icon. Clicking on the clock will take you in the clock app.

Now go to the World Clock tab and then move to the section where you can pick what tone is played in alarm. Now this menu also offers an option to buy some other tones and clicking on the option will redirect you to the iTunes store.

Once you get to the iTunes store simply click on the home button and you will get to the device’s homescreen without even entering the passcode.

A glimmer of hope for thousands of iPhone users

This simple trick offers a great way for the users to unlock the device without going through the task of entering the password. However it doesn’t work with all the devices. Over the years Apple has launched several versions of iPhone out of which the latest is iPhone 6S. Some of the users have complained that this trick doesn’t work with few of the old as well as new iPhone devices.

One of the viewers has even written in the comment section that this trick works only when a user has already enabled the touch recognition feature. It can be assumed that having the fingerprint scan capability along with enabling it is necessity to ensure that this works. It can be understood that this trick doesn’t really by passes the security of the highly secure iOS rather it takes in account the finger print scan of the user and allows them to enter the device. But many other users have found this trick to be best option for unlocking the device when one unfortunately forgets the passcode.

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