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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

How to Export iMovie

How to Export iMovie

Do you work on an iMovie project? Want to learn how to export iMovie project? Do you want to export any video to a supported MP4 format? Fortunately, it is possible to export an iMovie movie to MP3 on Mac for free. Many people find it challenging to do this. Besides, many people doubt whether it can export a video to MP4 format. This article lets you know how to export iMovie.

Most media players support MP4. It is possible to benefit while you are willing to export the iMovie to MP4. Ensure that your video file is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and other devices & platforms.

What is an iMovie?

It is a default video editing app developed by Apple Inc. for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS devices. In 1999, this app was launched as a Mac OS 8 application.

How to Save an iMovie as MP4?

These are the steps you should follow to learn how to export imovie video as mp4:

Step 1: 

Your first task is to launch the app through Finder. Then, you should navigate to Applications.

Step 2: 

Now, you need to import the media file. Tap on "Create New" and select the "Movie" option. Tap on the "Import Media" option. Next, your task is to add the video files to the app's interface. You could upload these formats, including MOV, M4V, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and DV. As soon as you have selected the videos, tap "Import Selected" to place them on the app.

Step 3: 

You should check the video. In this case, you can see a thumbnail of the imported video on the left. If you want to check this, move the vertical line to see the complete video. You can see a preview on the right.

Step 4: 

Your task is to edit the video files. There are several options used to edit the videos using the platform.

Colour Correction: Three different options are available to correct the video colour.

Colour Balance: It comes in four options, including Match Color, Auto, Skin Tone Balance, and White Balance. With the help of these options, it is possible to remove specific parts of the video. For example, you can remove blank parts of the video. Besides, it is possible to adjust the volume of the video.

Adding To A Project: It enables you to stabilize specific clips of your video. In addition, it allows you to modify a clip's speed.

Audio Effects: It is possible to add audio effects to videos.

Step 5: 

Now, you should save the video as MP4 format. If you want to do this, hit the Export button in the interface's top right corner. Then, you should select the "File" option. Thereafter, watch all the detailed information about the video.

Step 6: 

Hit The Next button to select a location and name your new video. After that, tap on "Save". Hence, MP4 is the default output format. You should wait till the procedure is complete.

How to Export an iMovie to MP4 Using QuickTime?

You can use QuickTime to make it possible. This QuickTime app is created as a media player. Therefore, a minimum amount of customization and settings exists that you can select while exporting videos. Remember that the process is suitable for the previous iMovie version. 

These are the steps you should follow to use QuickTime.

  • Your first task is to launch the app. Hence, you need to open the app first. Although it might seem wrong, this one is the actual step of the procedure. 
  • Next, you should load your project to export using the app. 
  • Tap on Share. After that, you should tap the "Share" tab after the actual video project is loaded with the app. It can be seen within the "Options menu". 
  • Then, tap the option to Export with the help of QuickTime. 
  • Now, you should write Name And Destination. You will see a pop-up window appearing. Then, put the filename and destination folder. 
  • Finally, tap on "Export" & select MP4 as the output format. At last, tap on "Save".

How to Open MP4 Files within iMovie?

In this regard, you should know that the app doesn't open MP4 formats. It is why you need to convert it first. Use a converter in this case.

What to Do When an iMovie Export MP4 Not Working?

Can't save the file as MP4? These tools allow you to do this. Hence, try to use a video converter. It helps to convert many audio and video files. This one is quick for its core technology. For example, the tool uses hardware acceleration technology to boost the use of graphics cards like NVENC, AMD, NVIDIA CUDA, and Intel HD Graphics.

It allows you to edit videos also in an interface. Therefore, it is possible to add watermarks, audio effects, subtitles, etc.


Add Files to The Program:

Hit the Add File button to upload many audios or videos. You should choose the files you are willing to add and place them on the interface. Drag and drop the files to the program's interface.

Modify the Output Format as MP4:

Choose "Convert Format" and then modify the output format to MP4. After that, you should edit as you want. It is possible to add subtitles or watermarks. In addition, you can crop, trim, rotate, cut, etc., with the video. Next, you should select the destination folder where you want to save the files.

Convert the iMovie Files to MP4 Quickly:

Hit the "Export" button at the bottom. Now, you should wait till the method isn't complete. Remember that the process will not take long. After that, it is possible to find the converted files within the Recent Projects area.

How to Convert iMovie to MP4 on Windows PC?

You may use a few online converters for free. However, limitations do exist on the video size while using online free converting sites. There are a few online tools like CloudConvert, Zamzar, ConvertFiles, and Convertio. These come with different conversion options. In addition, these enable you to convert various document types from one format to another. Besides, these are compatible with conversions for many audio and video files. As these are online, you might think about privacy and security. These are the steps you should follow to learn how to export iMovie to desktop.

  • Your first task is to launch the browser on the Pc. 
  • Next, you should add videos to add to the MP4. You can do this via drag and drop. Besides, you may put a file URL that you want to convert. 
  • Then, you need to edit your Conversion Options. You should edit the options for the conversion. Ensure that you need to select MP4 as the output file. 
  • Tap on Convert Now. 
  • Wait till the conversion is not complete. Then, tap on download. Thus, you can complete the process.

How to Export iMovie from iPhone?

These are the steps you should follow to learn how to export iMovie to iPhone.

  • Launch the app and open it on the iPhone. 
  • Next, you need to add the project to edit it. Hit the Done button in the upper-left corner. 
  • Thereafter, you should click the video to export. 
  • Hit the Share button and tap on Export Project. 
  • Hit the option to Save To Files. Next, hit the option On My iPhone. 
  • Tap on Save Again. After that, you should click Save again and hit the X button. Conclusion:

This guide helps you to learn how to export iMovie to MP4. You can make it possible on Mac through iMovie, QuickTime, etc. It is possible to use different online tools, also.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. Can you export an iMovie project?

Yes, sending a movie by email or texting message is possible. Thus, you can view it on another device. In addition, you may share it on the web.

  • Q. Why can't you export iMovie?

The reason can be a lack of computer space, a corrupted project, or a wrong export file name why you can't do this.

  • Q. What file format does iMovie export?

MP4 is the preloaded output format.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

New Apple iMovie Feature Storyboards & Magic Movie

New Apple iMovie Feature Storyboards & Magic Movie

Recently, Apple has come up with a new iMovie version featuring Storyboards and Magic Movie. The new updated version of iMovie 3.0 becomes simpler for people to share their stories with video.

With the help of a new version, you can make more beautiful edited videos on iPhone and iPad. The Storyboards feature enables aspiring content creators and moviemakers to learn to edit and improve their video storytelling skills. It allows you to share famous videos like DIYs, cooking tutorials, product reviews, and science experiments on social, with colleagues, or with classmates.

It is possible to capture flexible shot lists with Storyboards. Besides, it offers you step-by-step guidance, letting you know how to capture every video type. If you are willing to make a video even faster, take the help of the Magic Movie feature. 

It helps to create a polished video continuously from the clips and images chosen by users. The feature enables you to add transitions, effects, and music to the edit. Both features include titles, filters, transitions, color palettes, and songs which make the final look personalized. You can use all designs at a time for these latest features available in the most updated version.

What is iMovie?

iMovie is a default video editing app developed by Apple Inc. for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS devices. In 1999, it got released as a Mac OS 8 app combined with the first FireWire-enabled consumer Mac model.

What did Bob Borchers say?

Bob Borchers is Apple's vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. He said that iMovie had empowered many people around the world to make their stories through video. He also added that Storyboards and Magic Movie, available in the recently updated version, helped in video creation. It is expected that they will keep on inspiring the next wave of video creators to dive in.

What's new in Storyboards:

It becomes possible to learn more about Video Storytelling and improve its quality. With the help of this specific feature, you can get a major head start in the video creation process. If you are one of the beginners, it becomes helpful to you.

Besides, you can select 20 different storyboards despite beginning with a blank timeline if you are a creator. It features plenty of famous video types like cooking tutorials, Q&As, product reviews, news reports, etc.

The feature comes with a shot list used to arrange for clips to tell a specific narrative. In every placeholder, you can see an illustrative thumbnail. It includes a tip and asking a question or offering a suggestion to let you know how to shoot that clip to make it more exciting. You can add extra shots, record them, and remove them from a storyboard for additional customization. 

Creators can test when applying various video styles like titles and transitions, title layouts, fonts, filters, and color palettes. You can manage the music tracks to fit the length of a project dynamically. It is possible to refine every clip with trim, split, clip speed, clip volume, and other editing tools. You can share completed Storyboard videos from iMovie via Messages, Mail, and other social media platforms.

Making instant Videos with Magic Movie:

You can make beautiful custom videos with titles, transitions, and music using the feature. If you are willing to make a Magic Movie, you need to choose an album or any group of photos or pictures from their library. It can detect the best footage part quickly and do the project. The feature lets you put your spin on it by rearranging or removing clips in the simplified shot list or editing the project.

It lets you add styles to change up the look and feel of the complete video. You can share Magic Movies from iMovie through Messages, Mail, and social media.


  • The recent iMovie 3.0 version is available today with its new Storyboards and Magic Movie features on the App Store. 
  • It is compatible with iOS 15.2 or later devices and iPadOS 15.2 or later. 
  • Apple had launched the latest features in March. 

The bottom line:

iMovie comes with many other features also, like cinematic mode, the capability of making movies, editing like a pro, etc. The article contains the latest updated features— Storyboards and Magic Movie.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is iMovie only for Apple?

It enables users to become creative. You can use images, videos, and music on your iPhone and iPad. But if you have an android mobile device, the feature is not available.

  • Can you get iMovie on a Windows PC?

Apple developers have not launched any Windows version yet, and the version is for iOS and macOS. If you are willing to use it as a replacement on Windows 10, take the help of MiniTool Movie Maker.

  • Is iMovie free for Mac?

It is free and simple to use. You have to tap on download and install it on your Mac or iOS device.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Final Cut Pro X is not perfect Part.II

Another weakness pointed YakYakYak by this time, the fact that this new version is less able to communicate with other software on the market. It was so far strength of the solution from Apple. Some have already begun to exploit the breach; this is the case of Pro Export FCP that will export the AAF or OMF projects from Final Cut Pro X to the Pro Tools software.

We recently criticized the implementation of the Lion in full screen mode with Final Cut Pro X is the same? It is impossible to use the second monitor. It is too bad.

The list of accusations made in Final Cut Pro X is as long as a day without bread. Apple will address gaps through updates in a more or less near future, as support for multiple cameras. Contrary to what she was doing until now, Apple is committed to providing frequent updates and important software. The Apple brand is expected to propose one to two updates per year, while the renewal cycle was 18 months ago.

If Larry Jordan readily emphasizes the fact that Final Cut Pro 7 is not dead and still has a bright future (two to coexist is also not easy and requires a little planning as the Apple says this note), to him, Apple is right.

For all its faults, this new version meets the objectives that Apple had set. The performances are with go. The management of the 64 bits according to him should also solve many problems in everyday life.

With this release, Final Cut Pro does what it has to be done in the background and lets you work. The new interface, new editing tools or the keyboard shortcuts are generally very useful as long as you want to get used to.

Larry Jordan summed up the situation in one sentence: "If you're looking for speed and high quality image, you have a new love in your life." But love thrives on patience as much as desire.

And it may take a little time to make Final Cut Pro X forget his teething.

Final Cut Pro X is not perfect Part.I

Released yesterday, Final Cut Pro X was quick to get noticed and have been many comments and criticism from experts advised. If the software is Apple's top-selling on the Mac App Store (which is a small performance for an application that costs € 239.99), the changes it introduces are not necessarily unanimity.

On a smaller scale, the situation is comparable to iMovie '08, which was both handy for many things with its new interface and more limited in other respects than its predecessor. What could be annoying with iMovie, is probably much more with a professional tool.

There are first the compatibility issues. OpenCL using Final Cut Pro X does not work for example on a Mac Pro 2009 features an ATI Radeon HD 2600. As noted YakYakYak, to use the latest version of Apple software, you must have one of the following cards (or higher): GeForce 320M, GeForce 330M GT, GeForce 9400M, GeForce 9600M GT, GeForce 8600M GT GeForce GT 120, GeForce GT 130, GeForce GTX 285, GeForce 8800 GT, GeForce 8800 GS, Quadro FX 4800, Quadro FX 5600, Radeon HD 4670, Radeon HD 4850, Radeon HD 4870, Radeon HD 5670, Radeon HD 5750, Radeon HD 5770, Radeon HD 5870 or Intel Graphics HD 3000.

Some also had problems with their camcorder. Apple maintains a page listing all compatible devices.

Other issues that have thrown some users, there is the impossibility - for the moment at least - to import Final Cut Pro 7. A situation even more comical than Final Cut Pro X is perfectly capable of supporting projects iMovie.

Among the decisions made by Apple, there was the desire to integrate directly Color SoundTrack and Final Cut Pro X. Of course, Apple did not keep the full functionalities of both software.

Larry Jordan, who had already criticized the software before its, Says that these features will be sufficient in many users, but the expert regret certain absences as the ability to record multi track audio.

With this release, Apple is also pushing for a 100% digital workflow. It will not please some, but after all the logic of things. And that's probably why also the Cupertino Company has stopped the development of DVD Studio Pro.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

iMovie: iPad beats MacBook Pro and Mac Pro?

AppAdvice site has developed some small rapid tests for judging the performance of iMovie on the Mac in iPad and basic tasks. The findings are quite surprising: in most of the tasks of copying and coding, the iPad 2 was the fastest, even faster than the MacBook Pro or Mac Pro five times more expensive.

The first test involved the importation of a two-minute video from an iPod touch, 4G towards iPad (with the Camera Connection Kit) and Mac (with the import feature in iMovie). The iPad 2 performs this task in 25.5 seconds, five fewer than the iPad first name, two times faster than a Mac Pro, more than four times faster than a MacBook Air.

For the second test, it was necessary to create an empty project, place the same two-minute video, and then export it in HD 720p: again, the iPad 2 is the fastest. IOS devices end up in a handkerchief, far ahead of the Mac.

Finally, the last test, a bit closer to real conditions: it is this time a small assembly with the same two-minute clip, a title, a soundtrack, and an image to open and close the all exported to HD 720p. This time, the iPad 2 does not prevail: the Mac Pro or MacBook Pro 17 "five times more expensive ones are faster. We note however that the iPad 2 dominates the head and shoulders iOS other devices, this which was not the case in the previous test.

We wanted to check something with an iPad first generation with the latest version of iMovie to IOS, and a MacBook Air 11 "also features the latest version of iMovie for Mac .... The idea was to try to find the reason for these differences: Software Optimization or hardware or difference in the encoding process?

We used a 720p HD video file (H.264) 3:35, just exported in HD 720p. The output file weighs 285 MB side iPad, 262 MB Mac side, and it is difficult to see any difference: in short, the iPad would "cheat" not on compression. But where the MacBook Air is 1:10 p.m. to encode and export the file, does that iPad 03:03 (and this is a first generation model).

It is quite possible that this difference reflects a subtle blend optimization hardware and software with a version designed iOS closer to the hardware platform of the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. iMovie on the Mac operating correctly about multiple cores, but it would not be surprised to learn that the IOS version is a massive use of computing by the graphics chip and some advanced features of the ARM platform dedicated to video - it could explain the differences between the two generations of iPad, the graphics chip of the iPad 2 being much more powerful than the first generation. He can only hope that Apple emissions both bolt around the Mac version...

In the forth coming week you may expect a review is about windows7 phone and iPhone comparison.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

About iMovie

iMovie is a program to easily manipulate the High Definition Video (HDV). Viewing and editing become as intuitive for the video for the photo. The integrated video library automatically organizes your video content so that all sequences and imported videos are always just a click away. Thanks to its interface, iMovie simplifies and speeds up browsing in the video library and the implementation of new films. It was designed for sharing, in a few steps, it is possible to transfer movies on its website, publish them on YouTube and create versions for iPod and Apple TV.

Help to use:

Connect your camcorder and let iMovie do the rest. You can work on more ambitious projects by taking advantage of performance gains. Rearrange clips directly in the timeline, try the last Skywalker Sound effects and video transitions.

iMovie application

Mac and me is the site, to relate the information involved turning around the firm at the apple, which holds some information about the iMovie application for iPhone, adaptation of the famous video editing software available on Mac. And no, this is not so pleasing that you might think.

The iMovie application in full use

- To uphold the excellence of video and the idea of "instant transition", the function will only work on the gadgets with A4 Apple's processor, not including models proceeding to the iPhone 4.

- It is not possible to export iMovie projects on a Mac to continue editing videos. However, it is possible to transfer them via iTunes sync.

- It is possible to use a video saved in the film, but also to film directly from the application. As a result, the videos received by mail will also work, knowing that they register within the film. The only condition? We need the video to H.264 approved Apple files to AVI format are not compatible.

Finally, the iMovie application will be available on the App Store on 24 June at a price of $ 4.99 (approximately € 4.12).

Almost zero probability of an iPad version being felt by the absence of Retina screen or the lack of a digital camera on the device indicate that the application will not be usable on a device other the iPhone 4.

Friday, March 25, 2011

iMovie on the iPad to fast some Mac computers

Chaten Tim from App Advice decided to test performance of the application iMovie and got quite surprising results. It turns out that if you are looking for a good and fast workstation for video processing "in the field, it simply must pay attention to iMovie to iOS, designed specifically for the latest generation iPad 2.

Tim wanted to see how the work mobile iMovie handles mounted in apple tablet dual-processor Apple A5, as well as to compare the performance of this program with desktop applications for Mac OS X, which he ran on different machines Mac. For their tests, he took a set of files, went to the nearest retail Apple Store and had similar tests on all drainage computer models, except for Mac mini. And the results surprised all of his expectations.

In the first trial, Tim pinpoint how many minutes will take up a two-minute test clip, shot on the fourth-generation iPod touch, for each selected for testing apple device. Became the winner of the iPad 2 coped with the task in just 25.5 seconds, but the "intergalactic Mac Pro took 56.5 seconds on it.

The second test is to change the encoding speed is the raw video clips in 720p. Again iPad 2 surpassed the rest of the large family of Apple products with the result in 1 minute and 56 seconds, just 3 seconds ahead of the iPhone 4. Time of the fastest and ultraportable Mac Pro was 2 minutes and 15 seconds, while most 17" MacBook Pro cope with the task in 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Naturally, the third test was the most difficult one. Tim has worked well over the video in all versions of iMovie, added background music, captions and a variety of images in the beginning and end of the roller. Of course, with coding at 720p a roller processed most quickly mastered "the older brothers iPad 2: The clear winner was the 17 "MacBook Pro with a score of 1 minute and 48 seconds, the second place finish Mac Pro (2 minutes exactly), and now perform this operation on the second generation apple tablet took a little more time - 2 minutes and 5 seconds. Of course, there are some important nuances also.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

John Gruber - Daring Fireball and Jason Snell - Macworld

As noted in the test of Gruber, a test more focused on graphics performance. He used a custom application designed by one of the authors of Tap Revenge. It displays hundreds if not thousands of sprites on the screen, moving being influenced by the effects of gravity and trying to keep up to three contacts on the screen.

With iPad 1 and 200 sprites, we get 45 frames per second. On the iPad 2, with double, 400 sprites you climb to 65 fps On the iPad 1 it must descend to 100 sprites to 60 fps while the two must put 750 sprites on the screen to fall below 60 fps All this without changing the software code, which bodes well for future applications when they have been optimized.

Macworld has also conducted some performance tests with unequivocal results on the capabilities of the new JavaScript engine "Nitro" But recovered Safari (tested each time with IOS 4.3), time to start and complete display of the page host a site.

Reading other tests TechCrunch, PC Mag to name a few, led to similar conclusions. The iPad 2 is a strong evolution of the first model. Not necessarily able to generate alternative vocations, but the product has something to attract the greatest number.

Its cameras are judged by all pretty disappointing (by Apple promotes luck rather the use of video), GarageBand amazes even those who have a musical background, then iMovie seems more a scaled down version of its cousin on the Mac. PC Mag has also echoed these crashes with two applications (soon sold € 3.99 each on the App Store). Critical acclaim as the Protection Cover Smart, very smart in how it binds almost alone on the iPad, and no problems with either the HDMI adapter.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Emphasize

Finding also identical on both cameras "Let it all clearly: both cameras are really bad. They are not useless, but it is clear that the sensors used are by no means the highest level." Apple appears to have regained component of the iPod touch (which left no good memories) and on this point the advantage it gives to the Xoom. For FaceTime's going again, but nothing more. And even if a tablet is not intended to be a camera, the iPad 2 is clearly disappointing in this respect.

More details to emphasize, GarageBand has packed the author (who comes from the world of music production), iMovie was less impressed, but in both cases these two applications were planted at various times, showing that they were still refine level stability.

The conclusion is clear and unambiguous "It will perhaps frustrate the competition to hear that, but it must be said: the iPad is not only the best tablet on the market, it seems that the only tablet on the market. " It is not without flaws Topolsky adds, citing a definition screen stamped 2010, bad cameras and notable gaps in the OS in particular notification system, given the price and what GarageBand suggests as possibilities software, there is little material to be difficult.

For owners of an iPad an update is not absolutely essential unless you want a camera. By cons, those who have not yet tablet iPad 2 is an invitation to dive.