Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Windows 7 Phone theme for iPhone and iPod Touch!

I'm not used to relay this information, but I think it might interest you. A theme available on Cydia proposes to transform the interface of the iPod Touch interface "Metro" Windows Phone 7.

Launched in October 2010, Windows 7 Phone successor to Windows Mobile offers an innovative interface (which includes the Zune's HD that I presented in summer 2009). Given the success of this mobile OS, WyndWarrior, a member of the community Modmyi decide to bring this interface to the IOS.

All the views of the IOS (excluding applications) are modified to use the features of Metro. Thus the Springboard disappears and gives way to a main menu that displays a list of thumbnails. These vignettes are dynamic and are updated by applications (for example when receiving an email, the sticker "Mail" actualized).

It is easily possible to pin an application to be featured on the home screen.

The result is pretty impressive! The interface is fluid and we really feel like being in front of a Windows 7 Phone:

The theme is available for free on Cydia on the official source Modmyi. Installation does not require going through Winterboard. The theme is in beta but is stable enough to be installed.

Installing the theme "OS7"

* Backboard install from Cydia
* Create a backup with the default button "add" (to avoid nasty surprises)
* Go to the URL: backboard: / /
Apputez "Yes" and wait for full download
* Select Backboard since OS7, click Install and do a respring.

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