Friday, April 25, 2014

Siri Voice Control Support For Apple TV

Siri Voice Control Support For Apple TV
Recent report states that Apple will be working on building its voice activated application Siri into its Apple TV to rival Amazon’s Fire TV.

Apple’s Siri, the virtual personal assistant which is presently available on the company’s mobile products will be making headway to the Apple TV set top box. Pierre Blazquez, the French software developer had found reference to Sirisupport for Apple TV in a section of iOS 7.1 code recently wherein the code refers to the device family `3’ that has been the number for Apple TV since the set top box began running iOS.

 It was reported that for some time Apple’s settop box would get Siri support and with this move many companies including Samsung and LG would be offering voice control for their television software.

Launch in Early June

This upcoming miniature set top box would be unveiled early this June with features like voice commands and games console and will become a serious Apple product in its own right. This hockey puck sized device which plugs at the back of the television set connecting to the internet with dedicated app will enable the streaming of content from other Apple products like Mac, iPads, or iPhones which till now has been considered as just interesting hobby of the company but will now be making a change for the better.

New Set Top Box with Fast Processor

Amazon too had earlier announced its launch for Fire TV set top box inclusive of remote control with a built-in microphone in order to enable users to speak the name of a move, TV show, actor and director, into the remote with Fire TV displaying the list of the results.

It could stream video and audio from services like Netflix and Pandora like the way other gadgets were functioning but unlike several of its rivals, the Fire TV has voice search as well as the capabilities to play video games.

It was also reported that Apple would be releasing a new set top box which would have a faster processor accompanied with an updated interface enabling users to navigate with ease between TV shows, movie together with other online content.

Siri Voice Assistant – Upgraded Version 

According to reports, it was stated that the new code found within Apple’s software indicates that the tech giant would be bringing its Siri voice assistant to an upgraded version of the Apple TV which would seem that Apple would be competing for consumers on high end of the video streaming market with the new Amazon Fire TV.

With regards to Fire TV, user can hold a button on the remote control to search content by taking the name of a movie, artist or a TV show where the device would display results to the user’s audio query. Moreover the Amazon streaming box also enables the user to play video game which can be downloaded from the app store of the company.

With their focus on being competitive with Amazon Fire TV, it is reported that Apple is considering in bringing about many features to its device which would be costing $99 meaning that Apple would be gearing up in improving its gadgets with more feature if it intends to remain competitive against its rival.

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