Thursday, March 15, 2012

A new iPad eye on the Mac

Two years after its introduction, the iPad still has no serious competition - no one can claim to rival the 15 million tablets Apple sold last quarter. The Cupertino for not resting on its laurels, and introduced a refreshed Apple TV.
iTunes in the cloud now supports movies in addition to TV shows, music and books. You can download at will the movies you've purchased ... and 1080p. Logical consequence: the Apple TV is reviewed to support Full HD, and has a new interface recalling especially that of the iPhone and the iPad. Otherwise, it is the same material as above. The functions are now identified as true small applications to large icons. Navigation is done with great blows of Cover Flow, and you can access the content stored in icloud. Starting a film in 1080p makes a big ten seconds. The new Apple TV will be available March 16 and is pre-order today, priced at € 109.

IPad 3: Retina Display and A5X

The iPod, iPhone and the iPad: Apple has been the spearhead of what she calls the "post-PC era", this time the peripheral devices to become fully taking the place of the conventional personal computer for many tasks. Last year, Apple sold as many as 172 million post-PC devices, which now represent 76% of its turnover. In all, 315 million iOS devices that have been sold since 2007 ... 62 million, just over the past three months, a testament to the growing insolence of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

By selling 15.4 million iPad last quarter, Apple sold more PCs than the No. 1 worldwide, HP, which has sold "only" 15.1 million computers. The iPad and 200 000 applications have now replaced traditional computers for many tasks in many of its users: "When we ask the owners who have more iPad a laptop and a phone, what is their favorite device to treat their emails, they meet the iPad. Ditto for books. , "Says Tim Cook, who also emphasizes the use of the iPad as a small game console

The iPad has only two years, but is already recognized as a major segment of personal computing, especially since it brings in its wake a competition which we must recognize the virtues of Amazon to Samsung. Competition has talked about Tim Cook to better emphasize its flaws, "according to some estimates, more than 100 tablets were launched last year. You will not find anywhere a greater user experience than on the iPad, "said Apple CEO evoking here the lack of suitable applications on Android tablets.

The new iPad must repeat this experience in 2012, while he has to redefine the segment - according to Apple ... it's just the only aircraft capable of exceeding the iPad 2. "Reboot" of the saga, it's called iPad, and iPad not 3 or iPad HD. As expected, the iPad has a Retina display a definition of 2048 x 1536 pixels, 264 dpi. The iPad is held further away from the eyes than the iPhone, this "delicacy" is sufficient to describe this screen Retina, since the definition is a definition Retina collected and not absolute. At arm's length, the 3.1 million pixels of the screen 9.7 "- 44% more contrast - are simply invisible.

As expected again, the new iPad Apple moves from one processor to A5X A5, which is distinguished by its quad-core graphics chip, which is undoubtedly the Imagination PowerVR SGX543MP4, the same chip as in the new PS console Vita Sony. According to Apple, the A5X would be four times faster than Nvidia's Tegra chip 3 in the field of graphics performance. Finally, the new iPad supports Bluetooth 4.0.La photographic part of the iPad was reviewed. Crane, FaceTime VGA webcam is still in force, but this time it is completed by an iSight camera on the back, with a 5 MP sensor. This is essentially the same CMOS sensor backlit than the previous model of iPhone (4), consistent with the automatic detection of faces, the exposure lock and lock the focus - as the iPad Third generation is the first to have one sensor allows autofocus. The power of Apple A5X allows for example the real-time video stabilization.

Fourth major function, voice dictation: the iPad, less mobile than the iPhone, which does not always have a network connection, does not inherit the assistant Siri. It nevertheless has some of its functions, namely dictation: 4S like the iPhone, the keyboard has a button that allows microphone to dictate text to enter. This function is compatible with the American and British English, French, German and Japanese - New language supported by Siri in iOS 5.1.

The new iPad is compatible with many network standards, including LTE 4G. In CDMA Ev-DO, the iPad supports up to 3.1 Mbps, 7.2 Mbps HSPA, HSPA + 21 Mbps and 42 Mbps even in dual-cell HSDPA +. In 4G LTE, things are quite different: when you reach 73 Mbps. As we expected, Apple will offer a version of Wi-Fi and 4G LTE two versions, one for AT & T, one for Verizon. AT & T version will be distributed in the world under the name Wi-Fi + 4G, and will be compatible with 3G networks in countries that do not have a 4G network, and 4G networks with few Europe. For cash consumption 4G LTE chip, the new iPad is slightly thicker (9.4 mm against 8.8 mm) and heavier (635 grams against 601 grams) than the previous generation. The battery provides one hour bulkier more autonomy, ten hours on 3G. In 4G, she spent nine hours, which remains confortable.N 'offense to the Cassandras, the price remains the same as the previous generation, from 489 € for the 16GB version Fi's new iPad will be available March 16 United States, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong and some other countries. A week later, it will be launched in 25 additional countries.

The iPad 2 remains in the catalog: the model Wi-Fi 16 GB passes € 409, while the model Wi-Fi + 3G 16 GB goes to 529 €. There will be no other proposed capacity.

The "macification" of the iPad

iWork is logically updated to support the Retina display. Pages, Keynote and Numbers inherit new transitions and new content Multimedia. iMovie and GarageBand are also updated with the same goal. GarageBand is greatly improved: in addition to guitar, piano or smart battery, there is now a violin intelligent. If a false note, a note can be changed by hand, as the Mac version. The songs are synced with icloud and can also be played in groups, with four iPad connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, this is promising.

iMovie now lets create trailers from different styles and designs, with a streamlined interface - the iPad version of Apple's video editor assists the user much anyway. This new version is obviously compatible with the video 1080p. Much had predicted: iPhoto logically joined his two cousins
​​of the iLife suite to leverage the power of A5X and Retina display. iPhoto does not replace the applications built into the iPad: It is proposed to users who want to go further and actually manage, edit, and share their pictures. Photo Beam can share photos in high definition device to device, and "newspaper" can share photos with friends - incidentally, sharing options iPhoto resurrect the photo galleries on MobileMe icloud, however without access. iPhoto web brings new multitouch gestures: you can scan from the context of the iPad at the screen to display the thumbnail. The interface, suitable for handling more than the Photos application, allows comparison of images, tag them, then edit them (with adjustments including localized, and always non-destructive process) - to summarize, just think to iPhoto on a Mac suitable for handling with the fingers. iPhoto iOS is even able to manage up to 19 MP photos, or those from the most compact and SLR. "Do not let anyone tell you you can not create with the iPad," said product manager for his demo: iPhoto is only € 3.99 and is available on the iPad as on iPhone. Adapted Retina of the new iPad, iOS 5.1 is available now, also with a revision of iTunes. He accompanies this new iPad clearly claiming to replace the short-term Mac: OS X has maybe 10% market share, but its philosophy, subtly altered by the needs of multitouch, now survives in a device sold more than five million copies per month.

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