Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Apple discovered wireless problem with Apple TV

Apple has apparently found that there is some wireless problem with Apple TV in the third generation wireless problem. However, this affects only a small part of the device as Mac reported. The devices should be allowed to be exchanged without difficulty the apple stores staff members reported when contacted. With the Apple TV, there are some localization issues in relation to wireless networks. In addition, there may be permanent disconnections. The replacement of the Apple TV hardware happens under certain conditions. It is important that the device has the latest iOS version 5.2.1 installed. Moreover, it should have no problems with any offers from third parties.

Top of the image affected by the problems Apple TV Wi-Fi models are shown. This is apparently some older models. Apple TV was released in March last year. The current version includes, the ability to play 1080p video among other things.  Almost unnoticed in January, Apple introduced a new version of Apple TV. The only noticeable difference is the processor that's inside in the device. Apple TV from last year has a dual core processor and now it contains a single-core A5 processor, which is slightly smaller than the processor in the previous version. Nevertheless, it is merely an updated version of Apple TV 3 and not a whole new version. The new version is apparently only an intermediate model before and it may behold a new version of the set-top box or even the new Apple TV into the world.

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