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Apple Watch Settings: How to Use the Control Center on Apple Watch

Apple Watch Settings: How to Use the Control Center on Apple Watch

Generally, Apple Watch is simpler to use, but a few ways are there following which you can make it more convenient. You can add shortcuts to your favorite apps or increase the Watch's text size. Making these changes will help you to feel more comfortable. Apple Watch control center is one of the features of such mobiles.

These settings and features are compatible with any Apple model. Please ensure that your Watch can run the recent version of Apple's WatchOS 8 software. Thus, your Watch will have access to all recent features and improvements. 

Apple Watch Settings: How to Use the Control Center on Apple Watch

Here, we have given you six changes that you can make at the Apple Watch settings.

1) Manage all Activity Goals:

When Apple released WatchOS 7, it has also added an option to change the goals for your preferred time. Earlier, there was only an option to change your Move (or calories) goal. Therefore, you don't need to use the defaults— 30 minutes of exercise and a cumulative 12 standing hours a day. You are capable of changing anyone to fit the proper routine.

After making the small changes, you can hit your targets, especially while you begin your day, not the time when Apple says. For instance, if you use sleep tracking overnight and give a charge in the morning, you will not feel like losing an hour to close those rings.

Please head towards the Activity app and open it on your Watch. Then, you are required to scroll the display to the bottom and then click on the Change Goals.

If you are willing to take a screenshot of your Watch, you should tap on the Digital Crown and side button together. It is an easy and straightforward to use process.

To disable the feature of taking screenshots altogether, you should first move to the Settings app on your Watch and open it then. You can take the help of the Watch app on the mobile and then head towards the General option. Next, you need to scroll down the display until you find the Screenshots option. You should hit the option and then toggle off the switch beside Enable Screenshots.

2) Customize Apps that Appear in Your Dock:

Have you installed multiple apps on your device? If yes, it can be hard to look for the correct ones while you need them. It is when you can use the Apple Watch's Dock. It may happen that you are not familiar with this term. It is the iPhone's app switcher. However, you should hit the side button in the Watch to trigger this.

If you are willing, then customize the Dock to display any app. To customize it on the Watch, your first job is to head towards the Start menu and open it. Then, you are required to click on the Dock and choose the Favorites option. It is advised to set up this in your Phone's Watch app as it helps you to customize these apps.

Now, you have to open the application and tap on the Dock option on the iPhone. As soon as you choose the Favorites option, a list of apps is available. It is divided into two parts that are— Favorites and Do Not Include. Favorites indicate the applications that have been available recently in the Dock. You should hit the Edit button that is available in the top right corner. Thus, you are capable of customizing the Favorites.

3) Choose the Portrait Mode Photos:

The device allows you to set the Portrait mode images like the background. In this case, your first task is to dig into the settings that are available in the Watch app. If you are willing to start the process, then you need to launch the application first. Then, you are required to move to the Face Gallery tab available at the display bottom. Next, you should hit the Portraits option. It is available under your New Watch Faces category. It would help if you then hit the Choose Photos option available under Content to choose up to 24 photos. It rotates automatically while you raise the wrist or tap on display.

4) Stop Application from Installing Automatically:

Whenever you are going to install any application on the iPhone, it installs its Apple Watch counterpart automatically. It can clutter up the Watch's app grid.

Navigate to the Settings in your Watch app on the mobile. Then, move to the General option. Next, you are required to slide the switch (beside Automatic App Install) to Off. Open the Settings menu for doing this. Then, it would help if you tapped on the App Store, and then your task is to toggle the switch beside Automatic Downloads.

Now, you are capable of installing separate apps on the Watch. Just open the Watch app on the mobile, and then you need to scroll to the bottom, where a list of available apps is available.

5) Silence Noise Alerts:

People prefer to use Smartwatches to check the alert or the time. However, loud alerts can defeat this purpose. Swipe up from the display bottom to enable your Apple Watch's silent mode. Thus, you can launch the Control Center. Next, your job is to hit the icon to trigger the Silent Mode.

You are capable of doing this also. Just open the Apple Watch's Settings menu, and then your task is to scroll the page down to the Sound & Haptics. Next, you are required to toggle the switch beside Silent Mode. A volume slider is available, using which you can manage the incoming notifications sound.

6) Make Text Easier to Read:

When you read any news headlines or notifications, it can be hard on the display. You are capable of enhancing the font size on your Apple watch. If you're willing, then you should launch your Settings app on your Watch. Then, you need to scroll the page down to the Text Size. Next, you should rotate Digital Crown or click on the letters available.


When you buy a new Apple Watch, you might think about the apple watch settings that you are required to enable or disable.

We have given here a few ways that let you know how to change the watch settings.

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