Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Adobe’s Mobile Version for its suite of Photography for iPad

Adobe Lightroom
Adobe will be introducing a mobile version of its Lightroom Raw editing program for iPad, touch friendly accompaniment for its suite of photography software bringing about powerful new tools to Apple’s iOS. Photographers had been asking Adobe for a mobile version of Lightroom for some time.

Adobe had demonstrated an early beta version of the application at a sneek peek session last year at the Photoshop World show in Las Vegas and it seems that Lightroom Mobile is now almost ready for its official launch. Adobe will make the iPad a more viable solution for the mobile version that would largely lineup with desktop version with regards to features.

 The app which is available at iOS Apple store offers users who have invested in Adobe’s ecosystem, a new way to organize and sync images within the prevailing Adobe mobile content creation leasing a version of Lightroom photo editing which is optimized for tablets. Its tagline for the product is `Take Lightroom anywhere’, and the representative indicated ecosystem with an impressive app of built-in RAW image editing functions.

Lightroom enables Tablets to edit remotely 

Adobe with its Lightroom Mobile for iPad has enabled tablets to edit remotely, large RAW image files, adding new dimension to photographer’s workflows but without any limitations from desktops and laptops. Lightroom 5 on Mac or PC with Adobe’s Smart previews technology can generate a DNG image from RAW image data and sync the file with Lightroom mobile. Moreover users can also edit this smaller file on the iPad with Lightroom’s RAW toolset and then sync the changes if any, back to the original RAW image on completion.

Users need to have Lightroom 5 running on the desktop or laptop, Lightroom’s mobile service and lightroom mobile for iPad in order to function which means that owners of non Creative Cloud Photoshop of Lightroom will need to subscribe in order to qualify for Adobe Creative Cloud product.

Various Amazing Features

Adobe had announced that the iPhone version is in the pipeline but has not disclosed the estimated release date. Some of the features include editing and organizing images from anywhere at any time, seamless sync between desktop, web and mobile, access and view photos on lightroom.

Edit everything from Smartphone photos to raw images from DSLRs with Smart Previews since Adobe Lightroom Mobile is capable of handling virtually any image format, Smart Preview creates smaller stand in files for efficient and quicker work, import images from iPhone or iPad camera roll direct into the Lightroom catalog and enhance them using familiar and powerful Lightroom tools while sharing them online easily and quickly.

Advanced Healing brush in removing unwanted flaws or objects, radial gradient tools enables to create off center vignette effects, Creating HD video slide shows with images, video clips and music, showcase images, present photos with built in slideshow and much more.

iPad 2 with running iOS 7

Lightroom Mobile for iPad from App Store is a free 41.6MB download but needs an iPad 2 running iOS 7 or later with also updated Lightroom 5.4 for Mac and a Creative Cloud Subscription.

Besides this, Adobe is also offering a 30 day free trial together with Photoshop Photography Program special which includes Photoshop CC, lightroom desktop, web and mobile, a 20GB cloud storage accompanied by Behance ProSite for $9.99 a month.

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