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Monday, November 27, 2017

Apple's iPhone SE 2 Could Launch Early Next Year

Apple is All Set to Launch the iPhone SE 2 in the First Half of 2018 

A number of reports has surfaced online suggesting that will likely be launch the next version of iPhone SE in the first half of 2018. It is been expected that Apple will retain the small size and ergonomic design of the first version of iPhone SE. Some of the reports had even hinted that the production of the iPhone SE 2 is being assembled at an Indian factory in Bengaluru by Apple’s manufacturer Wistron. It is worth noting Apple has assembled quite a number of iPhone SE smartphone at this facility in the past.

Retaining the good things

It is widely speculated that Apple will keep with its launch cycle by bringing the iPhone SE 2 in March 2018 just like it launched the first SE device in the March this year. Apple will not be tinkering with the compact 4inch screen size of the SE as it was selling point of the first device itself. iPhone SE 2 is likely to feature the latest processor A10 Fusion chips along with the features like Touch ID and one camera setup.

It is highly unlikely that Apple will be bringing the FaceID feature to the lower end models anytime soon in order to keep ‘X’ factor of the iPhone 10 alive. The edge-to-edge display is also out of the question for this small iPhone. When it comes to pricing Apple is likely to price the iPhone SE 2 at anywhere around $450. Reports has even hinted that Apple will be targeting the Southeast Asian market with the iPhone SE2 apart from India in order to boost its iPhone sales among the price conscious buyers.

Bringing new features

Apple iPhone doesn’t support dual SIM which has become a major necessity in the modern times. It is highly expected that Apple will start offering the support for dual SIM with the upcoming iPhone SE 2. A insider tip from the renowed KGI analysts named Ming-Chi Kuo also sheds light on the fact that Apple will be launching three new iPhones in 2018. All of these smartphones will featue the Intel’s XMM 7560 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X20 modems in order to offer better and enhanced LTE data transfer along with support for Dual SIM as well as dual standby.
Get ready for three iPhones in 2018
He also said that the new three models of the iPhone for 2018, two will feature OLED displays while one will come with stable LCD display. One of the surprising speculations made by him is that Apple will be bringing the edge-to-edge display on all the devices just like iPhone X. It is worth noting all the major Android smartphones has started offering some kind of edge-to-edge or bezel less display on all the upcoming smartphone ranging from the budget, mid-range and high end segments. Therefore having all the iPhones with the iPhone X like display will be a smarter and sensible choice on the part of the Apple.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

iPhone SE: Still the Best Budget Smartphone on the Market.

iPhone SE
When Apple released the iPhone SE back in March of last year, branding it as a budget phone didn't go well with some critics. It was hard to see how being the cheapest iPhone automatically made it a great cheap phone. However, the smart analyst could tell, from day one, that the iPhone SE was the best value for money a smartphone was offering at the time.

As a much-needed update to the iPhone 5S, the iPhone SE remained just as compact while featuring the specs of the then latest flagship, the iPhone 6S. And all that came with a $399 price tag, which was the lowest launch price we'd ever seen on an iPhone, outdoing even the iPhone 5C, which began life at $549.

How Apple made the iPhone SE so cheap

The iPhone 5C was Apple's first major attempt into the realm of budget smartphones and, at first glance, it sure looked cheap. It was the first iPhone to feature a plastic case which, while giving the customer a variety of color choices, offered a build quality that couldn't match the steel and aluminum materials that were native to previous devices.
iPhone SE_2

Despite the obvious compromises, the iPhone 5C started at $549, only $100 cheaper than the equivalent, premium flagship, the iPhone 5S. Of course, the iPhone 5C's price has since dropped considerably and, perhaps, it is now the budget phone that was promised. Regardless, it's still hard to ignore the fact that what Apple called "budget" at launch, was only a few dollars away from the premium price range of $600 and above.

Fast-forward to three years later, in 2016, and the tech giant was back, unveiling another "budget" phone. Many people took the news of an upcoming cheap iPhone as a plastic version of the iPhone 6S, Apple's flagship at the time, but were shocked when the iPhone SE came out with the iconic iPhone 5S design.

iPhone SE_3

Sure, the SE wasn't the cheapest budget smartphone around. But, with high-end hardware and a friendly price tag, it was a proper fit for the “budget” category. Consequently, the world wondered how Apple managed to offer such exemplary value, when their earlier attempt, the iPhone 5C, had failed.

The explanation we got was that Apple used several components from older existing iPhones to make the SE. In fact, the $399 handset supposedly cost the Cupertino company only $160 to make, leaving the rest as profit. In addition, instead of making different versions for each carrier, the phone was made to work across all services, which saved on R&D and manufacturing.

These, among a number of other reasons, enabled Apple to finally give the world a smartphone worthy of the prefix "budget."

The iPhone SE: Features and Specs

What makes the SE a decent budget smartphone is the balance it offers between cost and high-end specs. Despite its resemblance to the iPhone 5S, the phone is far superior.



The SE is designed to offer all the features of a fully-fledged flagship in a package that's much smaller and easier to handle. The blueprint might be old, but the phone still represents quality engineering. Its brushed metallic back is hard and rigid but feels cool to touch. One-hand use is easy, regardless of the size of your hands.



Sporting the same 1136 x 640 resolution 4-inch display as the iPhone 5S, the SE's screen is undoubtedly its weakest feature. Nevertheless, it remains perfectly sharp for its size. Compared to the current AMOLED screens on modern Samsung devices, colors are less vibrant and punchy, but still "true" and accurate.
iPhone SE_6


Audio from the bottom-facing speaker is surprisingly decent for such a small handset. Maximum volume isn't as high as some similarly-priced phones, but the sound is well balanced, and there's even a hint of bass.


Neither the design, the display or the audio makes the iPhone SE special, but scratching the surface reveals an entirely different beast. The gadget is equipped with a dual-core A9 processor and 2GB of RAM, which is the same configuration you get with the iPhone 6S.
iPhone SE_5

This might not seem like much when you put the specs sheet side to side with top-flight Android phones, but the SE is among the most powerful devices you can buy at its price. General performance is incredibly fast, and not even the most demanding games are too much for the little iPhone.


Things get even more interesting when you touch the camera icon. The rear iSight camera has the same 12MP sensor as the iPhone 6S, which means you'll be making use of one of the best phone cameras around.
iPhone SE_4

Both pictures and videos are of excellent quality, and the "easy to use" camera app makes the shooting experience pleasant overall. In comparison to some of the SE's high-end rivals, colors look more natural and life-like, and the noise is kept to a minimum, even in low light photography.



Lastly, despite the Li-ion cell being only a smidgen larger than the one on the iPhone 5S, the SE's battery life is more than 50 percent better than the older model’s. This is, in large part, a result of efficiency improvements that come with the A9, which reduce power drain significantly.

Still the best budget smartphone? 


The iPhone SE has a lot going on. In fact, the only significant trade-off a customer would be making if they choose it over the 6S is the smaller size. It's a solid phone that will please anyone looking to strike a bargain.
That said, it has been nearly one year since the SE first hit the shelves and, with the release of the iPhone 7 last year, it's no longer the latest offering from Apple.

The iPhone 7 might not come with radical redesigns, but new features such as water resistance and stereo speakers push the SE back through in the pack. Moreover, the flagship is powered by the new A10 CPU, which is much faster and more efficient than the A9. The SE might only be a generation behind, but it's aging.
On the bright side, however, the phone still offers more than most do at the same and even higher prices. Its impressive hardware coupled with impeccable iOS optimization makes it fast, smooth and stable with any app or game.

So, what raises doubt as to whether the SE is the best budget smartphone today is more the size than the age. If you're coming from a larger phone, it'll take a bit of time to adjust to the small screen, and you'll likely be better off with something bigger but within the same price range, like the Moto G4 or the LG Nexus 5X.
Nonetheless, anyone who loves being able to bend their leg when a phone is in the front pocket will feel at ease with the iPhone SE.

To the compact lover, therefore, the SE is indeed the best budget phone on the market.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

iPhone SE: Is the cheapest iPhone the best one?

We all dream about using an iPhone but with high prices those dreams crush right in front of our eyes. What if there was a way in which you can have an iPhone that you can easily afford? Feeling excited yet? Presenting the new iPhone SE which provides the looks of an iPhone 5S but contains features and technology that has been used in the newer iPhone 6S models. Moreover the trust of the Apple Brand makes iPhone SE irresistible and a must buy if you are looking for a budget phone.

As the phones these days are getting bigger and bigger, iPhone SE begs to differ from the common trend and presents you a phone that can easily fit in your hand. iPhone SE’s small size packs a powerful punch in terms of its compact features and a stylish and classy design. Not much has changed from the previous version of iPhone 5S, or as you thought! iPhone SE is on a totally different level from the older 5S model both in terms of performance and display.

iPhone SE comes preloaded with excellent features

  • iPhone SE has a 4 inch retina display supported by a front 1.2 megapixel camera exclusively for taking sefies and a powerful rear 12 megapixels camera that captures photos with ultimate clarity and 4K videos. The live photo feature literally brings images to life! 
  • iPhone SE stands out by having the most powerful processor in a small sized phone. Apple’s A9 processor which is a standard issue in the iPhone 6S version provides you a 64 bit desktop like architecture and a high class graphics performance. You can now play any of your favorite games without worrying about phone lag. 
  • Powered by the iOS 10 operating system that is known for its user friendly interface, amazing features and a tight end security. 
  • Contains a collection of essential apps including the patented Face time and iTunes music. 
  • iPhone SE comes in 2 different color variants that is Rose Gold and Gold along with two combinations for the top and bottom of your phone in the form of Space grey and Silver. 
  • At the heart of this phone rests a 2GB Ram and a 16 GB memory slot. Apple iPhone 5S also provides you with iCloud support hence you get basically unlimited memory space.
iPhone SE gives you the nice nostalgic feeling of using old iPhone models but this time it packs a punch in terms of advanced features and components.

The perfect iPhone to suit your budget

The newer iPhones cannot by afforded by everybody and that’s a fact. Keeping this in mind the people from Apple gives you a taste of the iPhone 6S features in the price range of an iPhone 5S! Without a doubt you can say that the cheapest iPhone is the best iPhone till date! With all these excellent features it is the hottest phone in the market as has always been the case with iPhones.

Friday, April 15, 2016

iPhone SE Facing Bluetooth Call Audio Issues

iPhone SE

iPhone SE Facing Bluetooth Audio Connectivity

Some units of the iPhone SE, which is the latest 4-inch iPhone of Apple, may have problems with Bluetooth audio connectivity. The iPhone SE tends to share a design with the iPhone 5s, the 4-inch aluminium iPhone which debuted in 2013. Though the iPhone 6 had accepted rounded edges together with curved display, the iPhone 5s and SE tend to have a boxier design with thicker body.

It also has chamfered edges, flat display, round volume buttons, glass antenna inserts, a power button located at the top of the device as well as a flush camera and a pill-shaped rear flash. As per some early adopters of the handset, there seems to be some problem with Bluetooth phone calls when the device tends to get paired with a vehicle or a headset.

The problem as documented by users on the Apple Support forum is not limited to the Bluetooth phone call audio but also spreads to GPS voice navigation too. But music streaming utilising the Bluetooth connectivity tends to be untouched. An iPhone SE user had posted on the Apple Support forum - `I have a new iPhone SE and have so far paired it to a 2014 BMW 328i and a 2011 Kia Optima and a 2015 Kia Santa Fe. In all cases, I have terrible quality Bluetooth call reception… the audio while on a phone is extremely scratchy and distorted’.

Bug Tends to Persist

While Apple is yet to come up with a solution or provide its official word on the matter and based on crowdsourced information, the Bluetooth bug is considered to affect most of the iPhone SE models which tend to run iOS 9.3 or 9.3.1 versions irrespective of carrier or model and is for the users in Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden, UK and US, presently.

Besides the iOS 9.3.2beta release does not seem to resolve the problem. The problem does not seem to be isolated to any particular carmaker since customers have reported similar issues with vehicles sold by various manufacturers. The iPhone SE Bluetooth audio bug is said to affect a variety of in-car infotainment systems from different carmakers, including Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, GMC, Ford, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jeep, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota and Volkswagen. Users have informed that they had tried restoring the iPhone SE, resetting network setting, un-pairing and re-pairing Bluetooth, toggling cellular data and changing SIM cards. However, the bug still tends to persist.

Hardware or Software Error - Problem Unknown

Presently, it is unknown whether the problem is due to the hardware or software error. Basic troubleshooting by the users has produced no successful resolution of the problem faced. Some of the users on the forum asserted that the support staff informed them that Apple engineers were aware of the bug and are already working to resolve it.

Some of the users who had got in touch with Apple support by phone state that they had been escalated to higher level iOS advisors who asked for log files. Few of them had received confirmation which Apple engineers were aware of the Bluetooth problem internally and though, attempts in fixing it was being done, the timeline appears to be unclear.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

iPhone SE Puts the Same Engine in a Smaller Exterior

iPhone SE
Apple launch event of iPhone SE has not caused the same frenzy as the last year’s iPhone 6S launch. Rumor mills have almost killed the suspense this time by literally offering everything from the size to specifications beforehand. Apple is known to be one of the most secretive companies when it comes to launching of new devices as it tries to hold to the information till the last second.

Most of the users were left wondering by the unique name picked by the Apple for its latest 4 inch iPhone model i.e. SE. SE simply stands for the Special Edition which comes with screen size of just four inches and Apple has lastly released a four inch model four years ago in the name of iPhone 4. This time Apple is trying to woo the customers who are looking for smaller yet powerful devices at a premium range.

Intentions of Apple behind launching smaller iPhone variant

Apple is under extreme competition from the rival manufacture Samsung which has been launching slew of phones tablets at varying sizes on different price points. This has helped Samsung in having product in every price segment and at each screen size. Apple is having a tough time as it have just one iPhone 6 series which has been loved and even hated for its jumbo size. Therefore Apple has to be to bring a new advanced and powerful iPhone which has smaller size and can please the old and new consumers.

Noteworthy features in iPhone SE

iPhone SE offers better battery life than the iPhone 6S almost 30 percent better. All those users who have been slamming and complaining about poor battery life can rejoice at the thought at having better battery life on the iPhone SE.

Apple has priced the powerful and small iPhone SE as the most affordable iPhone at just $400 without a contract. For all those consumers who were looking t buy their first iPhone but couldn’t do so due to premium price point will be able to buy their first Apple smartphone. iPhone SE might be small in size but packs all the features and specification of elder sibling iPhone 6S. The new SE comes loaded with extensive range of popular features like Apple Pay, fingerprint unlocking, Hey Siri digital assistant and Live Photos.

The only thing which was missing in the iPhone SE is the acclaimed 3D Touch. iPhone 6S has a highest selling point with its coveted 3D touch which allowed users to perform different actions on the basis of the pressure applied on the phone’s screen.

A phone you will love to use

iPhone SE is as powerful as the iPhone 6s as it has the same processor which helps this small device to perform multitasking and various other activities with ease and grace. Apple even states that iPhone SE is about 70% more faster at opening apps, processing things as well as other tasks than iPhone 6S.