Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Apple has Created a Tablet for Your Wrist


Launch of Apple Watch 2 – iPhone 7 in September

The first group of Apple Watch is at the tail end of its life as the flagship of Apple wearable and those who tend to purchase it being an Apple product will have it already on their wrist. According to a recent research note from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo, Apple had sold around 10.6 million units during 2015 and level of sales should not be condemned.

Selling ten million of any given product is considered an achievement and there are smartphone manufacturers who cannot generate that level of sales over their total product range besides a single peripheral which needs a parent device to be bought individually.

The wearable is following the same pattern of adoption and understanding like the iPad and tends to promise a long and healthy life as a secondary product range. However it is not one that could create the sort of wealth which the iPhone could foster.

Kuo’s study highlights September as the date of the launch of the Apple Watch 2 together with the assumed titled iPhone 7, considering the synergy between the watch and the smartphone which tends to make sense from marketing as well positioning viewpoint

Basic Features – Deal with Notifications

Even with the launch of the second generation Apple Watch, the estimate of the 2016 is smaller by 7.5 million units in total, a 30% drop on the sales of 2015. This year the slowdown in sale as well as the slower projected adoption of the forthcoming smart-watch indicated that the product profile of the Apple Watch seems to be more in keeping with the iPad instead of the iPhone.

The basic features of the Apple Watch are to deal with notifications from the connected accounts, to tell the time and to provide quick access to short surges of information. Though the Apple Watch 2 is likely to have enhanced hardware, built-in Wi-Fi for standalone connectivity as well as a FaceTime video camera, it will not be changing the basic functionality of the Watch.

 Beside the hungry geekerati, the package does not provide a convincing reason to upgrade from an impeccably serviceable first-generation Apple Watch.

Reliable Device – Generate Predictable On-going Sales

As the users of the first Apple iPad had observed, the marginal gain in the next duplication of the hardware is not sufficient to hide the functionality of the original. Individual Apple Watch will be having a much longer life cycle than the iPhone and it is probably going to match the iPad with regards to hardware turnover as well as importance to Apple’s bottom line, which is a notable contribution though not a driving force.

Not every part of hardware could be a home run over the green monster. As it approaches its one year anniversary, the Apple Watch is not the revolutionary product of Tim Cook, it is not a genre defining slice of hardware and it is not going to affect any huge spike in the gross revenue of Apple. However, it tends to join the iPad as another solid, dependable as well as a reliable device that could generate predictable on-going sales all through the year.

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