Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Faster Apple Watch 2 With GPS to Launch Later This Year

Apple Watch

Of news and rumours about Apple watch 2

We may already know a great deal about the next iPhone already, however, details of a possible Apple Watch upgrade have been on show by their absence keeping in mind the original model was declared more less two years ago. An investor note sent out by Ming-chi Kuo, a well-connected analyst obtained by Apple insider and Mac Rumors gave us the first clue of what Apple has in hoard. It is believed that for 2016 Apple was planning two new models of the watch.

The greater update, called Apple Watch 2as of now, will apparently have the same common design as the present watch, but will comprise of new interior mechanisms like a GPS radio, a barometer, a sleeker display and a new and a more rapid, 16nm processor from TSMC. These features demand a greater battery life according to Ming-chi, inhibiting Apple from reducing the device’s dimensions. The second Apple Watch of 2016 won’t have much of an upgrade.

According to the note, it will not have Apple Watch 2’s new features, and the built-up design will remain the same with a few updated constituents. It may set a price cut for the series. Also, an additional model having a parallel form factor is anticipated to be launched next year in conjugation with LTE support, if one is waiting for a more significant design renovation, temporarily, Kuo debates that she doesn’t think it will happen up to 2018.In around a month’s time, Apple will possibly hold an event to launch this year’s iPhone. Any new Apple Watch models to be launched will be done at the same event.

Features of Apple watch 2

Rendering to a recent report, Apple Watch is rumoured to come with micro LED panel size varying from one to hundred microns. The production costs of these are higher than that of the OLED panels, and the usage of these could indicate to a slimmer and greater battery competent device.

While Apple fans look forward to the next Apple Watch, Cupertino keeps pushing updates to present models. Watch 0S 3 is scheduled to be launched this autumn, proudly publishing rapider app load times all credit to the new ‘dock,’ which can immediately unveil integral and third party programmes.

Pressure on Apple

Apple Watch continues to maintain their position at the top for selling smartwatch in the world, data from IDC declared. Apple’s dominance of the market of smartwatch is so solid that if the sale of their devices takes a turn south, it results in a poor quarter for the entire chain.

In accordance to the data by IDC, 1.6 million watches in q2 of 2016 where shipped by Apple, which has been the first time where deliveries have plunged for the company. The senior research analyst for IDC Mobile Device Trackers, Jitesh Ubrani said that, ‘Apple yet manages to maintain a noteworthy lead in the market and unluckily a drop for Apple indicates to a drop in the whole market. Every vendor goes through comparable challenges related to style and functionality, and although improvement is expected next year, growth in the remaining of 2016 will mostly be subdued.’

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