Friday, March 20, 2015

What you can do with Digital Touch on the Apple Watch

Apple Watch – New Feature of Taps & Drawings

Apple has recently included a new feature in the Apple Watch which enables two users to communicate through taps and drawings as well as by sharing their heart rates. The new feature known as Digital Touch enables two Apple Watch users to communicate with one another without the need of texting or calling.

Last fall when the company had unveiled its watch it had only provided demo models of the new device – polished prototypes of the hardware running on non-working loops of the software. The company has disclosed that the device would be priced at $350. Instead of making any attempts in writing the text message on the small screen, the Digital Touch feature enables two Apple Watch owners to communicate via taps and doodles and once the two users are connected they can start communicating.

The method which is used first in order to contact a colleague is by tapping the screen on the Apple Watch which is similar to the Poke feature on Facebook. The user can tap a certain patter on the watch face where the friend will be able to feel it on their wrist through mild vibrations.

Digital Touch – Sharing Heart Rate 

The next method is sketching an animated message which can be done on dragging the finger across the screen to draw a coloured sketch quickly which could be sent across to their friend. Sharing heart rate with others could also be done with the Digital Touch and when one presses two fingers on the screen the built-in heart rate sensor automatically tends to record sending the beats per minute reading to the friend.

 According to Apple this is `an intimate way to inform someone about their feelings.’ The watch is an interesting creation with its stainless steel middle tier together with the steel mesh Milanese loop wristband and besides being beautiful it is also one of the best looking computers one could have on their wrist.

Earlier the company had made a show of the rotating crown on the side of the device, what most of us would call a watch dial and held the crown as the next great interface something as the mouse, the iPods’ click-wheel or the touch screen on the iPhone. It has two main functions. When it is pressed, one gets to the watch’s main screen of apps or if the user is already on that screen, it switches displaying the clock. One could consider the crown as a home button.

Watch – Computer for Wrist

Moreover, it could also be used for scrolling as well as zooming while in the music app, one could turn it to scroll through the artists. If the user is in the photos app, they could turn the crown to zoom from the various set of photos and focus on an individual one. Scrolling could also be done with the finger on the screen and this method seems to be much faster than the crown where touching and tapping is much easier than turning the dial.

Besides the standard taps the screen has another tap mode known as force touch that functions just as it sounds which is press the screen harder. With force touch it provides an extra level of settings in the apps where in the case of force touch an email, one would have the options of deleting, replying or marking them as unread.

Yet it is difficult to forget that the watch is a computer for your wrist and in its top end versions it misses the understated elegance of old fashioned high end analog watches and Apple is working on something unusual in trying to develop an electronic device which would match the timeless appeal of a piece of jewellery.

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