Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Here's What You Can Do On the Apple Watch without Your iphone

Apple Watch – An iPhone Accessory

The Apple Watch is an iPhone accessory, though there are a few things which the apple Watch can do without the iPhone in case one tends to leave the phone either at home or in the car and go mobile with the iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 Plus. A few features have been discovered in the Apple Watch though there are only a limited number of things the Apple Watch can do without an iPhone. The storage capacity of Apple Watch is 6.2GB of which 2GB could be used to store music.

User can sync music with Apple Watch through the iPhone and Apple Watch app and no Mac or iTunes is needed, though the music should be on your phone in the music app or in iTunes in the Cloud.

 When the music is synced, the user can listen with a pair of Bluetooth headphone and in the Apple Watch Music app, one need to Force Press to select `Source’ as Apple Watch and once done, the music plays like it plays on an iPod. Apple has two built-in fitness apps known as Workout and Activity where both tend to work away without the aid of the iPhone.

Third Party Fitness App – Not Useful Away from iPhone 

One could measure the heart, activity tracks steps, active exercise and the time spent standing and workout enables timed exercise sessions which measures pace heart rate, distance as well as the calories burnt during the various activities and the only thing which cannot be done from the iPhone is tracking walk or run with GPS in which the iPhone is needed.

Third party fitness app cannot be used away from the iPhone and all third party app that are not developed by Apple need iPhone connection to operate. Once a credit card for Apple Pay to work on Apple Watch is set, it tends to keep working even when the iPhone is not connected and on a double click of the flat side button, you can tap to pay at any Apple Pay ready store.

If the watch is taken off the wrist one would need to enter a passcode to use it once again. Since Apple Pay does not utilise the actual credit card number, one can cancel it from the iPhone and deactivate the Apple Watch’s Apple pay function even when the watch is not active online.

Apple Watch - Small Photo Album App

The Apple Watch has a small photo album app which can store up to 500 photos from the phone library or iCloud and it is hard to see the images on small screen though it’s a good replacement for the wallet photo. Call scan also be made away from the phone and one can see recent caller and read sent texts. The user could also listen to voice mails.

 Apple Watch syncs visual voice mail, most of which could be played back on the watch even with Airplane mode turned on and also receive new messages without connecting the phone again and can browse missed connection. It is presumed that someday Apple Watch would use its Wi-Fi antenna in order to get data on its own or pair with other the other devices such as the Apple TV and Macs.

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