Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The First Great Apple Watch Accessory

Several companies are gearing up to get on the Apple Watch bandwagon and the dock called by Standzout as `first great Apple Watch accessory will be capable of charging the Apple Watch with induction charging plate which will hold the timepiece. Standzout will be introducing a versatile dock together with inductive charging as well as pivoting stand for its upcoming Apple Watch and its Bandstand Apple Watch Dock would be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2015.

It gets its power from a wire in the dock’s base which is inclusive of two USB ports for recharging other devices like iPad or iPhone. Moreover, the platform also pivots so that one can tilt the Apple Watch if desired to do so.

The Apple Watch would be on the wrist most of the time and one is not likely to dock it for view information when the same information is available on other iOS devices and with a battery already installed in the Apple Watch, it would not take more than an hour or so to recharge the timepiece. Standzout will be showing the Apple Watch dock which would rely on an induction charging plate in order to power the device as it holds the timepiece in place.

Pair of USB Ports/Pivot Stand

Besides this, there will also be a pair of USB ports which would help the user in making use of the dock in order to charge up other devices where an Apple user undoubtedly would be in possession of an iPhone or iPad as well. It has been rumoured that Apple is planning to launch this new entry on Valentine’s Day and it is presumed that the Bandstand Watch Dock would not be the last but probably, one of the first of several other accessories which would be released over a period of time.

It is just a matter of time and we need to wait and watch before the launch comes through for the latest entry and the Bandstand is just what one is looking forward to, a stand for the Apple Watch for charging as well as two other USB devices like the iPad or iPhone wherein the stand pivots the watch to enable its use while being charged at the same time. Users are anxiously awaiting the arrival of this new launch.

Launch at – CES 2015

On launching the `first great Apple Watch accessory’ at CES 2015, the company is planning to sell dock that is equipped with a wireless charging technology with extra USB ports also for charging additional devices together with a pivoting stand enabling adjustment as per the requirement of the user. According to the developer, it has been designed from the ground up making the experience of charging and using Apple Watch, a much better one.

Moreover, the inductive charge which is built in the stand makes it easy and simple for charging as well as taking off the watch and drop it on the stand. It is provided with an LED light to enable the user to locate it in the dark where the brightness can be adjusted. The bandstand which works off on an induction charging plate, seems to be an appropriate choice for a charging platform though to get to know it better it would be essential to field test it with the real thing.

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