Wednesday, July 15, 2015

iPhone 7 (or iPhone 6S) Leaked Pictures Show Similarities to Older Model

iPhone 6/iPhone 7 – Identical Case

The next version iPhone seems to look identical to the prevailing one but will fix one of its biggest issues. The phone in question is likely to be known as the iPhone 6S instead of iPhone 7 and will have an identical case. However it will also tend to have a much enhanced battery life, a pressure sensitivity display and would be must faster.

According to leaked information seen by 9to5mac, the extra battery life will not be just added by enhancing the battery capacity but will be brought by including a special new modem chip that will be doubling the internet speed as well as make the phone run in a much more efficient manner as reported in the blog.

The latest chips would be made by Qualcomm and will drive the maximum speed on 4G LTE to 300Mbps which would be much faster than most of the home routers. Nevertheless, the extra speed would probably not be seen, initially since most of the speed of data connection tends to be limited by phone networks and not the hardware.According to rumours, the company could add additional battery capacity to the phone.

Smaller Motherboard in Same Case – Improved Battery Life

The new phone features smaller motherboard in the same case which means that the extra space could be filled in with battery, by Apple. It is rumoured that the new phones come in the same sizes as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and will also have improved battery life due to their software.

A range of new battery features was unveiled by Apple as part of iOS 9 which will enable it to bolt off intensive features, should the battery run low besides other things. The issue of smartphone users is battery life and while Apple together with its competitors has done great improvement with regards to battery capabilities, the actual life has stayed the same.

This is due to the use of extra capacity in powering new features instead of letting phones to live longer. It seems that Apple is now settling into a cycle of upgrade with big release followed by smaller ones that speeds up and enhances the phone. However it has maintained the same basic look and the `S’ half of the cycle has introduced big features.

Addition of Force Touch

The iPhone 3GS came with video recording while the 4S was the first to have Siri and the 5S came with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The big feature, this time could be the addition of Force Touch. Phones inclusive of this features enables the phone to know how hard it is being pressed, have gone into production though could be held back for the release of the iPhone 7 which is likely to come up in 2016.

This feature allows the screen work as a type of button enabling extra choices. It had been introduced along with Apple Watch and also with some MacBooks and expected to make its progress eventually in all of Apple’s devices. According to Bloomberg, the company is said to be working on the screens for the iPhone for around two years. However, suppliers are gearing up to make them ready probably ahead of the launch of the iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 in autumn.

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