Thursday, September 1, 2022

Apple Expands Self Service Repair to Mac Notebooks

Apple Expands Self Service Repair to Mac Notebooks

Apple recently said that Self Service Repair would be available in the market for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro notebooks. It comes with an M1 family of chips. Therefore, you can get repair manuals, original Apple parts, and tools via the store. Currently, the service for iPhone has been launched. However, the program will expand to different nations like those beginning in Europe.

What did the iPhone maker say about Self Service Repair to Mac Notebooks?

It can provide over a dozen repair models like the display, top case with battery, and trackpad.

If you have already experienced the complexities of repairing these electronic devices, you can finish repairing them. Besides, you can access multiple similar parts and tools from the company's Store locations and Authorized Service Providers.

What is the procedure you need to follow to start Self Service Repair to Mac Notebooks?

If you want to begin the procedure, you should first review the repair manual for the product you want. In this case, you need to go to Afterward, they will navigate to the Apple Self-Service Repair Store to order the essential parts and tools. Remember that each original part is manufactured for every model. These have undergone extensive testing. It ensures you the highest quality, safety, and reliability.

However, you can return the parts to the company for refurbishment and recycling. You may receive credit for your purchase.

Tools of the company can offer the best repairs for its products. Besides, these are manufactured to tolerate the rigors of high volume. In these cases, the utmost priority is safety and reliability. The company will provide rental kits for $49. Therefore, although you are unwilling to buy tools for a single repair, you will have access to professional repair tools.

You can access the tool kit for one week. In addition, you will get the item free of charge. Moreover, you should know that Self Service Repair is one of the efforts of the company to expand access to repairs.

People who do not have sufficient experience in repairing electronic devices need to go to a professional repair provider. They have certified technicians who can help you to repair it safely with the help of original parts.

Service locations with independent repair providers:

Over the last three years, the company has doubled the number of service locations. It has occurred because of having access to original parts, tools, and training, including over 3,500 Independent Repair Providers. Over 5,000 Authorized Service Providers support more than 100,000 active technicians. It is why eight out of 10 Apple customers can access authorized service providers within a distance of twenty minutes in the United States.


The company launched it in April for select iPhone models in the US. Now, it plans to expand the service to Europe. Apple has agreed to invest $50 million for the development to settle a class-action lawsuit. It has similarities with "butterfly" keyboards on a few models of MacBook laptops.

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