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What is the 'i' Icon on the Apple Watch?

What is the 'i' Icon on the Apple Watch?

Do you have an Apple Watch? If yes, then you can see the ⓘ icon on this device. Sometimes, you can see it on your Watch whereas it is also seen inside the Watch app. People looking at the support pages of Apple can see the icon mentioned there. So, what is the 'i' Icon on the Apple Watch? When it can be used?

What is the 'i' icon on an Apple Watch?

The "i" icon is a feature using which you can pair the Watch with the iPhone. It can help you to pair the Watch manually with an iPhone.

Before starting to use a new Watch, you must pair this with an iPhone. It is possible to perform the automatic pairing process. Otherwise, you can also use the "i" icon to begin the manual pairing method. You can see several "i" icons involved in using this device.

Where is the 'i' icon on an Apple Watch?

You can find the first "i" icon on the initial setup screen of the Apple Watch. Hence, it is essential to put the unpaired Watch on the wrist. Then, the "i" icon will appear at the lower right. If you are willing to re-pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone, it is essential to start the process manually.

How can you unpair an Apple Watch using the 'i' icon?

If you are willing to disconnect the Watch from the iPhone, you will be able to do this with the help of the "i" icon. Hence, instead of the Apple Watch, it can be found on the iPhone's Watch app.

  • Your first job is to start using this Watch app on the iPhone. 
  • Then, open the My Watch tab, where you have to click on All Watches at the page's top. 
  • A list containing names of devices will appear. However, in most cases, you can see one device. You need to click on the watch to disconnect. 
  • After that, your task is to hit the "i" icon on the Watch's right side. 
  • Finally, you should click on Unpair Apple Watch. Then, you should confirm that you are willing to do it.

How can you Manually Re-Pair Your Watch Using the 'i' Icon?

You can easily repair your Apple Watch.

  • You should first click on the i icon on the Apple Watch. Then, you need to select language and region as prompted. 
  • After that, you need to click on Start Pairing on the Watch. 
  • Now, a swirly QR code appears on the Watch. You need to click on the i icon. 
  • You can see a device number on display for manual pairing via the Watch app. 
  • You should click on Start Pairing on the Watch app. 
  • After that, you have to click on Set Up for Myself. 
  • Now, you should click on Pair Apple Watch Manually. 
  • Next, your task is to choose the Apple Watch device number which can match the device number from the Watch. 
  • Then, a code will appear and you have to enter this on the Apple Watch. 
  • Finally, you can connect the Watch and iPhone. If you want, restore this from a backup, or you can set up this as a new device.

What to do if you are unable to find the 'i' Icon?

If you can't find this on the Watch, it can be still paired with an iPhone. Apple's support document says it is a common problem people encounter. To find the icon, disconnect the Watch from the iPhone.


The "i" icon in Apple Watch is a feature that lets you connect this manually or reconnect it if you can't use the automatic method. If you want to disconnect a Watch from the iPhone, use the "i" icon adjacent to the device in the Watch app. Finally, you can select the Unpair Apple Watch.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is theater mode on an Apple Watch?

It is a type of mode used to prevent the Watch screen from brightening whenever you raise your wrist or roll it. If you are willing to use this mode on the Watch, click the screen. Then, you should swipe up from the bottom so that you can open the Control Center. You have to continue swiping up until Theater Mode (two masks) appears. Next, you need to click on this.

Q. What is the digital crown on an Apple Watch?

It is the side button on this Apple Watch. With the help of the rotating button, you can control different functions like scrolling, zooming, viewing the Watch face, using Siri, etc. When you keep an application open, this digital crown will help you to scroll up or down within the application.

Q. What is the red dot on my Apple Watch?

It indicates you have received a notification, but it has not been read. You should swipe down this to read it. Whether you are unwilling to have this visual reminder, your job will be hiding the red dot by disabling the notification indicator.

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