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How to fix your Apple Watch and iPhone when they aren't connecting

How to fix your Apple Watch and iPhone when they aren't connecting

Is your Apple Watch not paired with your iPhone? Then, you should be aware because its features can decrease dramatically. However, users can still record a workout & check the time. But they will not get any alerts, messages, or calls on the watch. Fortunately, you can mostly solve the Apple Watch pairing problems in a few minutes.

With the help of WiFi & Bluetooth connections, the iPhone communicates with the Apple Watch. If you face a problem with any of these, it can cause your wearable to be unpaired. The Apple Watch needs at least an iPhone 6/ 6 Plus model or later and it is not compatible with iPad or Android-based devices. Let's learn how to fix your Apple Watch and iPhone when they aren't connecting. 

How To Fix The Problem When Apple Watch Isn't Paired To Your iPhone:

These are the ways you should follow to learn how to fix your Apple Watch and iPhone when they aren't connecting:

Check Your Apple Watch's Connection:

Your first job is to ensure that you have disconnected your Apple Watch from the iPhone. You can face an issue with the Apple Watch, which mimics not being connected to the iPhone. It is possible to check your Watch's connection status by swiping up on the Apple Watch display if you are on the clock face screen. It can bring up the control center of your Apple Watch and have multiple shortcuts. You can see the connection status of your Watch in the upper-left corner.

You can see a green icon that will look like an iPhone. It indicates that the Apple Watch is linked to the iPhone. So, if you face any issue, it isn't because the Apple Watch is not connected to the phone.

A blue WiFi symbol indicates that the Apple Watch is linked to a WiFi network. The WiFi symbol will remain highlighted in blue. In order to turn off the WiFi on your Apple Watch, your job is to click on the icon, leading the Watch to attempt to connect to your iPhone. Ensure that your iPhone is placed nearby. When you see that you are unable to connect the Watch, you can try other troubleshooting steps.

A red icon which looks like an iPhone means that the Watch is unpaired from the iPhone. Ensure that the iPhone is nearby. When you go far away from your mobile, the iPhone may have issues getting paired with your Apple Watch.

Make Sure Settings Aren't Preventing Your Apple Watch from Being Paired:

Remember that not always because of a software glitch or hardware failure can cause the Apple Watch to disconnect from the iPhone. We have given here some causes which can be the reasons behind it.

Airplane Mode On The Apple Watch

When you turn on airplane mode, it will shut down all communication. As a result, the Apple Watch can't get connected to the iPhone. Hence, you need to slide up on the clock face screen to open your Watch's control panel. If the mode is active, you will see the Airplane icon ( positioned at the control panel's top) highlighted in orange. Then, you need to click on this to deactivate the mode. Once you do this, your Watch will pair shortly.

Airplane Mode On The iPhone

It works the same as on the watch. Hence, you are able to get access to the control panel on the iPhone by swiping up from the bottom of the display where the bezel meets the screen's edge. You can see the icon for Airplane mode at the screen's upper right corner. If it is activated, you will see it highlighted in orange.

Bluetooth On The iPhone

Bluetooth is required for pairing your Apple Watch with your iPhone. Checking its settings is possible via the iPhone's control panel. You will find the Bluetooth icon in the same square as Airplane mode in the lower right corner of the iPhone's Control Center. When it is off, the Bluetooth icon is highlighted in white. Then, you have to click on this to enable it. Thus, the Apple Watch will get connected to your iPhone within a few moments.

Reboot Your iPhone If Your Apple Watch Won't Pair:

After checking the basic settings that we have mentioned earlier, if the Apple Watch still doesn't get connected, there can be an issue on the iPhone side of the equation. Hence, performing a fast reboot can help you to fix this issue.

  • Your first job is to hold down the Sleep or Wake icon on your iPhone until you see the slide for powering off the icon. As an alternative way, it is possible to launch the Settings app first. Then, you need to select General. After that, you have to choose Shut Down from the bottom of the general settings.
  • If you slide the power icon to the right, your iPhone will be powered down.
  • Once your iPhone has been powered down for a few seconds, you have to hold down the Sleep/Wake icon until you get to see the Apple logo on the screen.
  • As soon as the iPhone completes booting up, your task is to check the Apple Watch connection.

Reboot Your Apple Watch If It Still Is Not Connecting:

Remember that you should reboot your mobile first and then your Apple Watch. It makes sure that you don't face any lingering issues on your iPhone when the Watch boots up.

  • Your first job is to hold down the button on your Watch below the crown.
  • Once prompted, you need to slide the Power Off icon to the right.
  • When the display gets dark for a few seconds, your task is to tap on the digital crown so that you can turn on the Apple Watch again. Then, you will get to see the Apple logo immediately on the screen. If you do not see it, you have to wait for some more seconds. Then, you need to tap on the digital crown again.
  • You can deal with most issues by rebooting devices when the Apple Watch doesn't get paired. If you are still facing problems, follow the next troubleshooting methods.

Move iPhone Closer To Your Apple Watch:

If your iPhone is far away from the Watch or you have kept it in your bag, you may not get a proper signal. Proximity is the key because the iPhone & Watch connect through Bluetooth.

Check Your iPhone's OS For Updates:

Before you attempt any process where deleting information from the device is necessary, you should ensure that you are using the current OS version of your iPhone.

First, your job is to launch the settings application of the iPhone Then, you have to choose General and click on Software Update. After that, if any recent iOS version is available, you need to Download and Install the version. But it is not possible to check the WatchOS version if your Watch is not connected to the iPhone.

Clear The iPhone's Network Settings:

Information related to all connecting networks is stored on the iPhone to make the reconnecting process smoother. However, this data can become corrupted data which can prevent the iPhone from pairing with the Apple Watch. Resetting the information indicates that you have to log in to the home WiFi network again.

  • Hence, your first job is to launch the Settings application on your iPhone.
  • Then, choose General.
  • After that, you have to scroll down to select Reset from the general settings.
  • Now, you have to click on Reset Network Settings. You may need to type in your passcode for your request's verification.

Unpair & Pair: iPhone and Apple Watch:

First, you need to open the Watch app on your iPhone. Then, you need to click on All Watches, the information button beside the Apple Watch. After that, you have to disconnect the Apple Watch. Now, you will be able to connect the Watch & iPhone without any hassle.

Force Restart Your Apple Watch:

When you perform the step, your iPhone's OS & Apple Watch's setup assistant communicate with each other properly. In order to finish a forced restart, your job is to tap & hold the Digital Crown & the Side button until you see the Apple® logo. Now, you should try to connect the devices again.

Unpair Apple Watch From Old iPhone:

You may not see a picture or the option to connect the Watch manually. It indicates that the device is connected to an old iPhone.

In order to disconnect the Apple Watch from an old iPhone, you have to do the following:

  • Your first job is to open the Apple Watch application on your old iPhone.
  • Click on All Watches.
  • Then, click "i" located beside the Apple Watch you are willing to disconnect. Then, you have to choose the option Unpair Apple Watch.
  • If you do not have access to that mobile, you will be able to disconnect it. Then, you can reset it directly from the Apple Watch.
  • Hit the Digital crown on your Watch.
  • Then, choose Settings.
  • Click on General and Reset.
  • Next, your task is to click on Erase All Content and Settings > Erase All.
  • Thus, you can reset the Apple Watch only. It will not affect your mobile which is paired with it currently.

Reset Your Apple Watch:

If you are experiencing the problem instead of trying every process that we have mentioned above, you should try to reset the Apple Watch. However, it can wipe off your saved data from the Watch. Therefore, it is necessary to back up your data before doing so. You need to select General in the Settings application of the Watch. After that, you have to choose Reset. Next, select Erase All Content and Settings.

These are the ways you can try to learn how to fix your Apple Watch and iPhone when they aren't connecting.


This article has given many ways that should be followed to learn how to fix your Apple Watch and iPhone when they aren't connecting. Try every procedure one by one to fix this issue. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does your Apple Watch have no connection?

You need to check whether the Airplane Mode is activated on your iPhone or Apple Watch. If the mode is turned on, you have to disable this to reactivate cellular connectivity. You have to check if any update is there to your carrier settings. 

How do you relink your Apple Watch?

  • You need to open your Apple Watch application from the iPhone.
  • Then, you need to click on General from the My Watch tab at the lower left of the screen.
  • After that, your task is to click on General.
  • Then, you should reset Sync Data.

Why did your Apple Watch and phone disconnect?

If the distance between your iPhone and the Apple Watch is too much, the connection may get lost. So, bringing two devices within range is necessary to solve basic network problems.


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