Monday, April 28, 2014

Apple’s minor update for mobile operating system

Apple Update
With regards to Apple technology, it has been reported that Apple has recently released iOS7.1.1, a month and a half later after releasing its first major updates of iOS7.1with minor update for its mobile operating system with a purpose to address a few bugs inclusive of issues that would affect keyboard responsiveness while at the same time be improving theperformance of the iPhone 5s Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The latest entry follows March’s release of iOS 7.1 which is a significant upgrade that will be addressing a variety of issues which had remained pending since the debut of iOS7. It fixes various crash related issues where users of iPhone and iPad had envisaged at the time of using the multi-tasking view and browsing the web in Safari.

The iOS7.1.1, labelled as build 11D201, comes with additional improvement to the Apple’s Touch ID, fixing a bug which impacts the keyboard responses where fixing a bug would involve Bluetooth keyboards.Some users had experienced gradual worsening of the Touch ID sensor’s ability in recognizing existing fingerprints and hopefully this could help those who envisaged having this problem.

Bug Fix making iOS Keyboard Responsive

Moreover, iOS7.1 brought about much improvement for Siri and Touch ID while setting the stage for the launch of CarPlay in supported vehicles as well as aftermarket install kits, later that year. It had been reported that Apple had previously been preparing updated software to improve this problem.

According to software’s release notes, the bug fix should make the iOS keyboard more responsive as well as fix issues affecting the use of Bluetooth keyboards when Voiceover accessibility features would be enabled. Users could check out the Software Update submenu in `Setting’,application on the iPhone or iPad, or it could be plugged into the computer and iTunes, to update the device.

Documentation with the update states that it contains – improvements, bug fixes as well as security updates. From the security point of view, the update includes a number of fixes for issues which would enable an attacker to obtain website credential, capture date, change operations performed in SSL protected session or also install malware on vulnerable device.

For additional information, users could also check out Apple’s security notes for iOS7.1.1 and 1.2GB storages would be needed for update.

Introduction of Eight Generation Mobile Operating System

As Apple continues improvement for the next major update to iOS, it would be introducing its eight generation mobile operating system at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference to be held in June this year and it is likely that the conference will kick off with a keynote presentation to formally unveil iOS8 as well as other products which the company may have in store.

The next generation OS would help to name the tune due to integration with Shazam as per Bloomberg and is already available to download on the Apple Store and if the deal with Apple come through, iOS users need not download a separate app but will be able to tap into the service’s technology.

Apple has stated that iPhone 5s users will also see more improvements to Touch ID fingerprint recognition after the installation of update, which the company has always seemed to be doing since the launch of the handset earlier this year. You could visit us at Macmyth for more updated technology news.

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