Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Microsoft Brings Office Suite to Apple’s iPad" For Free

Microsoft Office Suite
Office Suite Version in Word/Excel/PowerPoint

It is reported that Microsoft will be bringing its Office Suite of products to the iPads driving the point home of its long rumored version of Microsoft Office for iPads which trailed the iPhone and Android versions of software by nine months with the software going live in the iOS App Store, very soon. The Office Suite version comes with Word, Excel and PowerPoint and is available only for iPads running and can create and edit files created in other versions of the software.

They also feature the same OneDrive integration as the Windows as well as mobile version; the tablet application seems to be more capable than the mobile versions. Microsoft states that the app will preserve the formatting and visual fidelity of documents which are created on other platforms. This application would be available at no cost, though it comes with some strings attached.

Users can download the application from the App Store without an Office 365 subscription wherein they can only view and read data files but not edit them. If the need to create, improve or edit documents, an Office 365 subscription would be needed which would cost around $100 a year, as related by Business Insider.

Empowering to be Productive Across all Devices

Office seems to be the most important product for Microsoft. Microsoft is taking the risk of making Office irrelevant and though it is a bit late, its decision could be right in deciding to bring Office to the iPad. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, states that Microsoft is willing to take risk and this move seemed important since it indicates a mindset change at Microsoft.

According to Microsoft, Office for the iPad does not seem to be an altered version of the Windows suite but made brand new for the iPad which appears to blend in smoothly on the iPad and according to Business Insider, Microsoft had invested in making the transition seamless. Microsoft has also stated that bringing Office to iPad was a way to empower people enabling them to be productive and work more across all devices.

Value Added Features

The Office for iPad in general retains some of the value added features which could be associated with Office inclusive of the ability in tracking changes and co-author documents. While tracking changes on its part does take up bulk of the Review menu in Word for iPad, it does seems to be well implemented and co-authoring support enables users to work on a document simultaneously.

Apple on its part is very much excited that the software is coming to its ecosystem. Apple spokesperson, Trudy Muller informed CNET in an email stating that they were excited that Office is coming to iPad mentioning that it was a new addition to its many existing productivity app already available for the tablet like iWork, Evernote and Paper by FiftyThree.

A Quiet update to Office Mobile for iPhone has also been issued by Microsoft and the version 1.1 of the software updates the application for iOS 7 eliminating the requirement of Office subscription. Moreover the viewing and editing of documents stored in OneDrive would be free to the user with Microsoft account irrespective of their subscription status.

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