Thursday, April 17, 2014

Apple Incorporating System for Anti Theft Technology

anti theft technology
A section of Smartphone industry segment which includes Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft have signed a voluntary program spearheaded by the U.S. wireless industry which seems to incorporate a system for anti theft technology into handsets probably by July 2015 and all major US cellular providers would require all Smartphone manufacturers to come with specific anti theft features which is one of the latest options to curb down theft of Smartphone that are on the rise.

To overcome phone theft, many lawmakers had put pressure on manufacturers as well as wireless carriers to install smarter anti theft technology on Smartphone resulting in a group of tech and phone companies coming up with this anti theft initiative.

Being dubbed as `the Smartphone Anti Theft Voluntary Commitment’, this initiative was reported by the CTIA Wireless Association, recently as a plan to stalk the incidents of Smartphone thefts in the U.S; and this program is being supported by the top five U.S. wireless carriers while the makers of Smartphone and OS, Apple, Google, Huawei, HTC, Microsoft, Nokia, Motorola together with Samsung are all in agreement to participate, as reported by Re/code. Moreover the companies which have signed on to this commitment also agree to make a `baseline anti theft’, available to their consumers who would be purchasing devices manufactured after July 2015.

Software to Lock down the Phone when Stolen/Missing

As per the documents, the tool would enable consumers to wipe data remotely from a stolen or lost Smartphone, rendering the said device, non-functional to an unauthorized user, besides emergency calls as mandated by the FCC and prevention of reactivation without the consent of the user and then reverse the operations when the device has been located.

The software would enable the user to lock down the phone when the device is reported to be missing or stolen and reactivate it only on receiving the same with the correct password or personal identification number.

The President of CTIA and CEO, Steve Largent has also commented saying that ` they appreciate the commitment made by companies to protect wireless user in the event of their Smartphone being lost or stolen and at the same time it’s important different technologies are made available as a trap door which could not be exploited by hackers and criminals.

With the cooperation of policymakers, law enforcement and the consumers, they would be able to deter theft and protect user’s personal information available on Smartphone.’ Details of the Smartphone Anti Theft Voluntary commitment’, could be checked at the official site of CTIA.

Find my iPhone/Activation Lock

Though Apple has already many of the agreement’s features installed in the iOS and iCloud with the option of `Find my iPhone and iOS 7’s Activation Lock, the `find my iPhone’, helps users to locate, lock as well as wipe lost or stolen devices. The `activation lock’, would need the entry of an associated Apple ID together with the password before turning off Find my iPhone, for erasing data or re-activating the device after remotely erasing. Presently, this program is voluntary though legislators had earlier tried to impose these requirements by law.

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