Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Apple’s Refurbished iPad Mini with Retina Display

The wait for Apples refurbished models of its latest Retina display equipped iPad has now ended as the tablet’s Wi-Fi variants are being offered with double digit discounts from the off the shelf price.

 The online store of Apple, seemed to have sold out the 16 gigabyte Retina iPad mini variants with the exception of the 32 gigabyte and the 64 gigabyte models which are available for purchase to the consumers. The refurbished products according to Apple’s usual practice, offers the tablet with a full year warranty with extended coverage with AppleCare.

Moreover, the company adds that the consumers will receive a device with `a brand new battery and outer shell,’ which means buyers would not experience any sort of difference in performance between their refurbished iPad with that of a similar new model.

Wi-Fi Only Models

At the time of the report, Wi-Fi only models seemed to be made available from the refurbished outlet and it is not known why Wi-Fi and cellular models were being excluded or when they would make an appearance. Apple had launched the first ever iPad mini with Retina display last November and though the company could cope up with the demands it did have a difficult task as consumers made demands to purchase the device during the holiday period.

Presently the refurbished versions of tablet are made available in Apple’s online store and for the first time consumers can purchase the iPad mini with the Retina display at a comparatively less than full price which is a great advantage for consumers interested in the purchase of the same.

Refurbished Products, Certified and Tested

The refurbished iPad mini with Retina display model come at a starting price of $339 for the 16 GB Wi-Fi only model which is around $60 off while the 32GB model is available at $419 which again is a $80 off and consumers can invest in the model of 64G fir $509 off on the original price. All the models are being offered at 15 percent off.

Though presently there is no refurbished version of the Wi-Fi and Cellular iPad mini with retina display, there is a possibility that Apple may soon have them on their online store sometime later. Apple, certify and test their refurbished products with a provision of one year warranty and the refurbished iPad model are provided with brand new battery together with an outer shell and AppleCare can be added to any certified refurbished products.

Difference in Display size

For those keen on a 7.9 inch Apple tablet and are unable to obtain it due to the cost could consider on a refurbished model which is practically the same as a brand new one and chances are that one would not even be aware of the difference between a refurbished models from the brand new one.

The iPad mini with the retina display is provided with the same hardware as it earlier version inclusive of the A7 processor with the M7 motion coprocessor with high resolutions 2,048-by-1,536 pixel resolution screen, the difference of the full size being, the display size in iPad Airs and Retina iPad minis.

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