Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Apple Stores Now offer Free Recycling of Old Apple Products

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In continuation of its environment conscious announcement, Apple has revealed a new plan in accepting all used products of Apple for free, to cut down on pollution which is being caused by manufacture and use of the devices.

The iPhone and iPad manufacturer is striving to cultivate a greener Apple Inc. in an environmental section of the company’s site which was debuted recently wherein the site highlights the ways in which Cupertino, California Company will be increasing its support on alternative power sources with less electronic junk to landfills.

With regards to this, Apple has already started distributing gift cards with third party companies like PowerOn, in exchange for iPhone and iPods which are in good condition and can be resold, at some of its 420 global stores.

Apple will not be offering gift cards in exchange for old products with little or no reselling value, this free recycling is with a purpose to keep the electronics out of landfills according to reports received by The Associated Press. This initiative on the part of Apple is to make its company’s operation an environment friendly one, which would be beneficial both to mankind and the planet earth.

Most of the devices together with the products sold by Apple do contain toxins that remains in the ground if they are not properly recycled or disposed and Apple is striving hard to lend its support in environmental responsibility towards a cleaner business model in making use of all innovation with the help of expertise, making the planet more secure bringing about some improvements in the environment.

The firm states that besides, iPhone or iPad, any Mac or PC desktop or notebook can qualify for reuse or free recycling, keeping in mind that Apple had in the past seven years sold around one billion iPhone, iPad, iPods and Macs.

According to Greenpeace’s estimate the tech gadgets and online services had accounted for about two percent of the world’s emission in 2012 somewhat similar as the airline industry.

Customers can now avail this opportunity towards new iPhone or iPad irrespective of the devices they may trade with and can also combine iPad and iPhone credits for a limit on one device to apply for the purchase of a new device. With all Apple stores now accepting old devices which may not have any resale value due to their age, customers will not be receiving any money for these devices but the firm will be accepting them to recycle them for free.

 Apple has been offering this program to the customers in order to help them in disposing their old devices in a responsible manner. This endeavour is part of Apple’s Earth Day celebration which began with the company’s `Better environmental campaign’, highlighting Apple’s environmental contributions to its supply chain, data centres as well as in its new Apple Campus 2 project.

Moreover, Apple is also contemplating commemorating Earth Day at its retail stores with the placement of a green leaf on its traditionally white Apple logo together with a green t-shirt to all its retail employees.

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