Saturday, May 3, 2014

Apple Making The MacBook Air Cheaper And Efficient

MacBook Air
Apple the Cupertino tech giant, the finest laptop and computer making company is all set in making its smallest Mac available to users at reduced price with upgraded processor ina bid to attract new buyers. It has been reported that Apple has dropped its prices on the laptops and will now be selling the cheapest 11.6 inch MacBook Air Model at $899 instead of $999 making the MacBook

Air a lot cheaper and efficient. This means that all Apple fans can now opt for a lighter, cheaper alternative to the MacBook Pro with this price cut with an additional $100 for Retina display if they desire the same.Besides the entry level 13.3 inch Air also saw a $100 slash to $999 from $1,099 and all Apple users in UK now will be getting an even better deal of £100 price cut in the Air line.

The 11.6 inch Air will now start at £749 and the 13.3 inch model will be at £849. These entry models come with 128 GB flash storage and 4 GB of memory and the higher end version comes with a 256 GB solid state drive which also comes with a price cut of $100 in US and £100 in the UK.

The New Air Models Standard and Faster

The new Air models will now come with a standard and faster 1.4 GHz Intel Core i5 processor instead of the 1.3 GHz chip being a minor performance upgrade though the fourth generation Intel Core Haswell process would be more efficient in various ways like power efficiency or cooling with these manufacturing improvements.

Intel’s latest Haswell processor offers a great boost in speed and its main advantage is that it conserves power where the 11 inch and 13 inch MacBook Air notebooks offer around nine to twelve hours of battery life respectively.

Better Battery Life

The main upgrade versions are better battery life with additional iTunes and free iLife together with iWork according to Apple. iTunes movie playback times increases to 12 hours on the 13 inch notebook while the 11 inch will get 9 hours adding to two additional hours of playback time with the updated MacBook Air.

The iLife and iWork comes free with every new Mac.Besides the price cut and the upgrading of the processor, the MacBook Air line remains unchanged though speculations are on that a redesigned Air would be coming up later this year with NPD DisplaySearch and many others hoping that Apple would release a thinner, 12 inch MacBook Air model along with a Retina display, since the Apple’s most portable laptops of 11.6 inch and 13.3 inch are non-Retina resolution displays powered by Intel’s HD 5000 graphics. Most of the users would find the new starting price an attractive offer with both a price drop and a processor boast.

MacBook Air has not seen any major redesigns since 2010 and the new price drop MacBook Air is now available online and in stores for interested users. Macmyth provides the latest updates on Apple technology; do visit the site to get acquainted with the latest updates on technology.

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