Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Is the iWatch in danger?

On the way Apple iWatch is struggling with problems. MacRumours reported that the screen of the smart clock consumes too much power. Therefore Apple is thinking about better alternatives. Furthermore, they have stopped a prototype test.

t is most likely to hurt Apple since Bryan James left the company. James was worked on the iPod project and he was also a part of the iWatch teams. Now he moved to Nest Labs. Despite the setbacks, the team is still large enough, Apple could meet the schedule. Rumors predict that it may be released on or before the end of 2014.

First rumors to iWatch came on in December 2012. The Chinese blog TGBUS reported, citing informants, it shed more light that Apple is working together with Intel on a smart watch. The gadget should have a 1.5 -inch OLED display and connect via Bluetooth with mobile devices. A report published in February 2013 patent application from 2011 also includes plans for devices with flexible screen and a solar cell as an energy source. IOS operating system is to be used.

 How serious Apple in a project is reflected with the number of employees working in a particular project. Both the Financial Times and Bloomberg said that Apple staff for the iWatch increased massively. Over one hundred developers and designers should take forward the work on the smart clock. A first version was tested already tested by Apple according to a report in the New York

Times in February 2013. Analysts hold a launch in 2014 may be realistic. As the Guardian reported, also the production contract for the SmartWatch has already been awarded to the The Taiwanese Company Quanta and Inventec making the smart clock in 60:40 ratios. According to Angela McIntyre from market research firm Gartner the starting price of Smartwatch may be around 149-199 U.S. dollars.

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