Monday, January 27, 2014

The First 9 Things You Should Do When You Get a New iPhone

Wow, I got an iPhone! Great feeling, though I must say more and more are getting used to this feeling nowadays. With better and higher disposable incomes; iPhones are more common nowadays. When you do get one as your dream buy, there are a lot of things that you need to learn and a few really important things that you need to do as soon as you start handling your phone. I would classify them as the First 9 things to do.

1. Activate your new iPhone: As in the case of any new handset, activation is the first and foremost thing you need to do, as only post activation can you do anything else on your favourite phone.

 2. Install iTunes: iTunes is a great music app that not only allows you to store and play your music but also organize albums, add and remove music, video, photos, apps etc.. A great way to use your iPhone.

3. Create an Apple ID: You got an iPhone because you wanted to enjoy the multiple benefits that come with an Apple phone. An Apple ID is quite mandatory in such a case, as the Apple ID is the best way for you to download a lot of apps on your iPhone and use them. Stuff like iTunes, App store, iCloud and Facetime can be downloaded once you have an Apple ID in place.

4. Set up and Sync your iPhone: Once you have your iPhone, lets sync that up with your PC, as this will help you organize your phone with all your favourite stuff, something that can be really handy when you travel the next time. So connect, sync, transfer and enjoy.

5. Configure iCloud: This is a cloud computing and allows you to organize all your stuff under one single cloud. So once you buy any thing from the app store, it is available on the cloud and can be downloaded any time you need them.

 6. Find my iPhone: This is a lost and find option on your phone that allows you to locate the phone if you have misplaced it, lost it or if it has been stolen. So set that security feature up and rest assured, help is on its way if it goes missing.

7. Built-in Apps: While you may want to buy so much from the app store one you activate your iPhone, there are so many built-in featres that are so interesting and handy. So discover the joys of an iPhone and you dig deeper. Some interesting ones include, email, photos, music, calling, and so many more.

8. Go to the App Store: Once you are settled in, go to the app store and pick up whatever you want depending upon your interests. A great place to shop, literally!

9. Insulate from Adult content: A great feature of the iPhone is the feature that allows the phone to block any adult or pornographic content. This is all the more critical if the iPhone is being used by your child.

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