Saturday, January 4, 2014

Serious and Seriously Silly Complaints Against the iPhone 5

iPhone 5
The apple has released its iPhone versions recently, the brand Apple is the main thing that people want to buy. They never saw about the thing which is present in the mobile. They won’t see through the specifications before buying the mobiles. There are several issues that have been resulted out after the release of the iPhone 5, they are given with their issues and their problems too. iPhone 5 has a faster core when compared to its previous versions. The complaints are silly, and they can be resolved very easily. But they are considered in a immense manner by the people, in this post I have shared a them in the following events;

Screen Glitches: In the iPhone 5, there are few complaints which have been made by the customers about screen glitches with the versions of the iOS in the iPhone 5, in sometimes some horizontal lines will appear in the screen without prior warning. This might be a software problem, but they can be easily solved by the next versions of the iPhone’s iOS.

Apple Maps: Apple has made an attempt to offer alternative to the Google Maps, and provide the maps to the users with its own navigation application. But the main problem arises is that, the app comes in the iPhone 5 is a beta versions and also comes with lots of built-in errors in the phone. The Apple maps has many flaws and still many updates has to be made in order to make the people to love this app.

Wi-Fi: iPhone 5 has a built-in Wi-Fi and the users can easily connect over it, but the main issues is that, they can connect through the network, but the speed of the connection seems pretty slower compare to the other Smartphones, and also has a slow over or inconsistent network connections.

EarPods: The EarPods of the iPhone has some sorts of flaws and it comes with low built-in quality, the users can experience very low amount of quality while hearing music in the iPhone 5’s Earpods. This has been considered as the one of the major drawbacks with the version of iPhone.

Chipping:The Problem arises with the Chipping of the iPhone 5, the issues is that the iPhone 5 has a case in the paint comes out very easily from the iPhone 5 and shows the aluminum body to the users. The painting has been done in some Chinese companies which has made this issues and finally this issue has been rectifies in the following versions of the iPhone 5.

Purple Flares: In iPhone 5, there is a probability of coming purple flares with the camera application. Sometimes, the purple flares are coming in the corner of the iPhone 5’s screen and the users are advised not to use the photograph options when there is a high beam of bright light is present. This will reduce the damage that is caused in the iPhone 5’s camera.

Therefore various levels of issues in the iPhone 5 has been revealed here and you can also add your issues in the comment box that is given below.

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