Friday, January 31, 2014

iPod & iPhone Battery Tips & Troubleshooting

iPods and iPhones are tech marvels that have taken the world by storm. While iPod is literally a travelling multimedia powerhouse, iPhone has proven to be more than just a great phone, packing in features and efficiency hitherto unheard of. So many great features adorn both these machines that you will get enough as far as using them is concerned. This brings us to the perennial question of battery life of these two equipments. While Apple does promise you a fair bit of battery life for both these machines, there are a few tips that will help you as a user to extend the battery of the iPod and iPhone.

A few tips that will help you to extend the battery life of an iPod include:

1. Enable auto brightness: This feature helps you to save battery by using less of the screen brightness in broad daylight.

2. Keep Wi-fi off: Keeping the Wi-fi off helps you as the iPod does not try t connect to networks. This reduces strain on battery.

3. Turn off Location services: Like Wi-fi, location services are also usually trying to connect to networks to determine your location. Hence, if you are not very much in urgent need if identifying your location, keep it switched off.

4. Check email less often: More you keep checking mail, the more your iPod connects to Wi-fi, and the more battery is used. Check eail only when you think you really need to and you could save battery.

5. Set up a quick Auto-lock: The auto-lick feature is meant for locking screen wghen not in use and if you set up you iPod to get locked within say 30 seconds of idling, the better. When locked, battery usage is minimal and the iPod hardly uses any power.

6. Turn off Equalizer: The Equalizer is a great feature when it comes to hearing music on your iPod but the flip side is that you tend up to use too much of battery. So if you think the music that you are listening to does not need an equalizer effect, turn it of and use only when absolutely necessary.

While all the above tips will help you save battery on a iPhone as well, there are a few additional steps that are specific to the iPhone usage.

a. Turn of Bluetooth: While Bluetooth is a great feature, leaving it on unnecessarily not only drains battery life but also exposes your phone to unwanted data from other users.

b. Disable background motion: Background motion is subtle feature which moves your app icons as you move or tilt your iPhone. This takes up a sufficient amount of battery and could drain faster than you expect.

c. Turn of 3G/4G: Like Wi-fi, 3G/4G also connects to networks for faster and better quality calls. So, use them only if necessary and you could save on battery and money as well.

Finally, there is of course the option of buying an extended life battery. With such a battery, you will get more standby time and many more hours to use.

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