Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to use iCloud space effectively

If you're a MobileMe user, you may receive regular emails from Apple asking you to reduce your storage space or to hand the wallet in an effective way. Few little useful information to quickly gain a few things up and handle the situation. You can work on your iCloud space from your Mac.

Just go to System Preferences, select iCloud, and then click Manage. On an iOS device, go to Settings, then to iCloud, then Storage / Backup and Manage Storage. The Backup section is certainly the most interesting. The thing is not known to all, but iCloud keeps a backup (for the back up the option should have enabled previously) all your iOS devices. In other words, it is not possible that you have in the cloud backups of iOS devices that you no longer own. The other one that can take up much space is they is backups itself.

To analyze the contents of a backup, you must look on each iOS device of which data are stored. For the "snapshot" of a backup, go to iCloud, Storage / Backup and Storage and select Manage your iOS device that you have in your hands. To avoid getting too big backup, consider empty it regularly. On the other hand, you can also uncheck items for which a backup is not absolutely necessary. The other one majorly occupies the storage is the mails. Apple suggests deleting messages from Trash and Junk folders.

The other solution is to archive old messages on the computer. To do this, just launch Mail, go to the Mailbox menu and select New Mailbox. Choose the location “On My Mac” and name the folder that will host your email iCloud. You can then select all the messages you want to archive, then go to the Message menu and select Move to. You do then is to choose the folder you created.

The transfer may take some time more. Note and it is logical that the emails in question will no longer be in the "cloud” and you cannot access it from your iPhone. Hence you have to sorting it through the applications. Then you do the cleaning in your applications you use with iCloud. If you use applications like Pixelmator or Preview with iCloud, you can quickly reach large numbers for storage. You can do, by selecting an application, select all the files stored or go case by case. Also remember to remove your cloud documents created by apps that you no longer need. To determine whether your efforts are paying off, do not hesitate to consult the gauge which is at the bottom of the dashboard iCloud.

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