Friday, October 4, 2013

iMac 2013 with ultrafast Wi -Fi 802.11ac ?

The iMac is the first computer to take full advantage of Wi -Fi 802.11ac . MacBook Air 2013 already provides support for this standard, but the fact that has only two antennas, they are not able to reach the theoretical bandwidth of 1.3 Gb / s. They reach the best 867 Mb / s. iMac 2013 with AirPort Time Capsule 2 TB that was tested last June. And as shown in the capture and it managed to get a theoretical speed transmission 1300 Mb / s.The tests were conducted in a relatively overloaded in terms of Wi-Fi routers middle and got to hang this famous figure with the iMac near the AirPort Base Station. Both devices were a meter away.

Still, the transmission speed displayed was extremely unstable and most cases ranged between 867 Mb / s and 1300 Mb / s.We have not seen improvements with the tests that we carried out with the MacBook Air Haswell. And this is a surprise for us. In the best case, we have peaks at 60 MB / s (480 Mb / s). With MacBook Air, you already got similar numbers. Ethernet, on the same network, we get in the best case speeds twice as good. Still, the difference with the 802.11n Wi-Fi is pretty significant. We conducted tests of raw performance with WiFiPerf utility. And the difference in rates observed between 2013 iMac and MacBook Air 2012 ( therefore in 802.11n Wi-Fi ) is more than clear. The first is on average two times faster than the second.

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