Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Apple unveils iPad 2: an evolution than a revolution

After months of waiting for fans of tray, and much speculation, Steve Jobs introduced Wednesday a new generation of iPad: iPad 2. On sick leave since last January, he eventually became the conductor of this keynote.

As usual, Steve Jobs first pointed out the success of the company: 100 million iPhones sold since its launch, 200 million customer accounts (App Store, iTunes and iBooks confused) and 100 million books downloaded on iBooks. And for the first generation of the iPad, it is neither more nor less than 15 million iPad already passed!

You said power?

The iPad 2 adopts a new processor, double heart, Apple A5 successor to the current A4 processor built into the iPhone 4. Technically, the A5 is based on the architecture of the Cortex-A9, ARM.

Each heart is clocked at 1 GHz, which allows Apple to announce an iPad twice as fast without sacrificing battery life, which remains unchanged. And about video games, the iPad would be 9 times faster!

The first grip velocity confirm this and note a marked improvement against the first generation.

Gyroscope and cameras

This new model takes almost the same improvements that the iPod Touch 4. Thus it inherits a gyroscope and two cameras, one front Booster (VGA), and one that can capture video in HD (720p).

However, purchasers of the iPad 2 would be equally disappointed that the owners of the iPod Touch 4 quality photos of cameras. It would be the same optical view of the technical constraints to the thickness.

A new design

It is lighter and above 33% thinner (13.4 mm against 8.8 mm). To give you an idea, the iPod Touch 4 has a thickness of only 7.2 mm. Two colors: black or white.

The iPad 2 will be sold March 11 in the U.S. and March 25 in other countries. Regarding rates, no change to note compared to the previous generation (first prize of 499 €). Note that the first generation is still on sale at the Apple Store and it will cost you more than an arm to get it. WiFi 16 GB version is sold at 389 €.

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