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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Apple’s New iPad 2 Campaign

New iPad 2 Campaign
Apple has recently released a new iPad Air 2 campaign at the Sunday football showcasing various physical as well as software applications for the iPad Air 2. Featuring the title `Change’, the ad features a significant change in the marketing campaign of the company for its flagship tablet and is a departure from last year’s iPad Air which was focused on a single user.

Apple had previously promoted the iPad Air and iPad mini through its `Your Verse’, campaign and highlighted a single use case for the iPad in every ad of the campaign, in a particular field or discipline like mountaineering, sports training, marine biology, Bollywood choreography, music competition, travel writing and urban activism.

This new entry is not just the thinnest and lightest iPad created, but also the most powerful. From the studio to the classroom, the field to the garage, it helps individuals to identify new and improved ways to the various performances of their choice.

The original iPad when introduced four years ago set the standard for thinness and lightness and since then it has become even thinner and lighter which is due to its durable aluminium unibody. All Apple products are made from highly recyclable materials like aluminium and hence great efforts have been done to exclude harmful toxins from their components.

Colours Richer/Images Vivid & Sharper

The previous generation displays of iPads had used three separate components and iPad Air 2 has changed it all combining those three layers into only one which eliminates spaces between layers together with the internal reflectance due to those gaps.

The outcome is that the colours are richer, with great contrast while the images tend to get more vivid and sharper. The iPad Air 2 has a custom designed anti-reflective coating which reduces the glare by fifty six percent thus making it the least reflective tablet at present. Beside this, it is clearer and more readable in any kind of an environment such as office, classroom or even outdoors. Much attention is paid to the back of the iPad as it is done to the front with the anodized aluminium body of the iPad 2 which comes in three awesome metallic finishes which includes space gray, silver and gold.
Tagline `Change is in the Air’

Set to The Orwell’s - `Who Needs You’, this minute long ad which is similar to Apple’s `Dreams’ TV ad for iPhone 5s portrays a variety of instances across various settings wherein the iPad Air 2 is utilised in novel ways and the ad focuses on highlighting the device’s thinnest as well the lightness before summing with the tagline `Change is in the Air’.

Moreover the ad also promotes the webpage for the new campaign, and also features the iPad apps that are used in the ad which include Tayasui Sketches, AutoCAD 360, Post-it-Plus, iStopMotion for iPad, INSA’s GIF-ITI Viewer, OBD Fusion, Molecules by Theodore Gray and Animation Creator HD.

The TV ad of the new iPad Air 2 comes a couple of weeks after the release of the three TV ads for its Flagship smartphone, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus featuring the voices of Justin Timberlake and Jimmy  Fallon.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Apple unveils iPad 2: an evolution than a revolution

After months of waiting for fans of tray, and much speculation, Steve Jobs introduced Wednesday a new generation of iPad: iPad 2. On sick leave since last January, he eventually became the conductor of this keynote.

As usual, Steve Jobs first pointed out the success of the company: 100 million iPhones sold since its launch, 200 million customer accounts (App Store, iTunes and iBooks confused) and 100 million books downloaded on iBooks. And for the first generation of the iPad, it is neither more nor less than 15 million iPad already passed!

You said power?

The iPad 2 adopts a new processor, double heart, Apple A5 successor to the current A4 processor built into the iPhone 4. Technically, the A5 is based on the architecture of the Cortex-A9, ARM.

Each heart is clocked at 1 GHz, which allows Apple to announce an iPad twice as fast without sacrificing battery life, which remains unchanged. And about video games, the iPad would be 9 times faster!

The first grip velocity confirm this and note a marked improvement against the first generation.

Gyroscope and cameras

This new model takes almost the same improvements that the iPod Touch 4. Thus it inherits a gyroscope and two cameras, one front Booster (VGA), and one that can capture video in HD (720p).

However, purchasers of the iPad 2 would be equally disappointed that the owners of the iPod Touch 4 quality photos of cameras. It would be the same optical view of the technical constraints to the thickness.

A new design

It is lighter and above 33% thinner (13.4 mm against 8.8 mm). To give you an idea, the iPod Touch 4 has a thickness of only 7.2 mm. Two colors: black or white.

The iPad 2 will be sold March 11 in the U.S. and March 25 in other countries. Regarding rates, no change to note compared to the previous generation (first prize of 499 €). Note that the first generation is still on sale at the Apple Store and it will cost you more than an arm to get it. WiFi 16 GB version is sold at 389 €.

Friday, April 29, 2011

White iPhone4 on sale!

White iPhone4 is available for sale. Like its big brother, it comes in two models: 16 GB and 32 GB and is marketed in several countries, including France, Switzerland and Belgium.

No change in prices. United States, 16 GB is announced at $ 199 and 32GB at $ 299. In France, the three major operators such as Orange, SFR and Bouygues also added to their catalog. Besides the color, nothing new except a retail frontage with a proximity visible sensor.

The least we can say is that this model has been inadequate. Being in a bad language, we say that this is the first time Apple announces a product ten months in advance. The iPhone has been sold 4 June 24, 2010. At the time, the white model was to happen in the wake, the last-minute problems had pushed Apple to delay its release several weeks.

Then in early fall, Apple was forced to revise his new copy stating that the iPhone would not see white iphone4 the day before spring. Following this announcement, many wondered if this model was really out.

Once again how Apple can be a perfectionist. Apple has had all the trouble to find the right balance between capacity and thickness of paint, especially in order not to cause any problems with the sensors. To achieve this, the Californian Company had finally resorted to a type of painting developed in Japan which would facilitate the adjustment of the thickness of the layers.

More over, the life cycle of the iPhone 4 is quite different from its predecessors. It's sort of the third variation of this model in less than a year. Remains to be seen what impact this model will have on iPhone sales, after knowing that only you can expect the next big revision.

In the process, Apple has indicated that the iPad 2 will simultaneously rolled out in Japan, HongKong, Korea, Singapore and eight other countries. The model Wi-Fi for its part will be launched in China on May 6

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Test : Apple iPad 2

Like every week, so here is the test of the week and inevitably, it falls on the Apple iPad 2. We had a little twist on Friday with the test of Nintendo 3DS, but promised it tries to stall for Monday and thus remain steady.

Otherwise, to return to our sheep (Ah ah ah, who can understand), do we still need to present the iPad 2? Everyone has talked of 20h to blogs through Twitter, Facebook, your grandparents, we, etc ..., we have already said everything almost. On the other hand, one can not miss either, eh? So, well then it gets stuck too. Well, I do not do too many illusions about the trolls but I'm sure we can get to be constructive in the comments! C'Mon


With pictures and other presentations during his posting here, I will briefly review the design. As you can see, it's thinner and smaller chouille. With its renewal, he has lost at least 80g on the scales. Quite honestly, to use the 80g will make no difference or very little. By cons, and that's where the Cupertino company has succeeded is the feeling that we gain in terms of weight. Indeed, the first time you take in hand, you really feel it is much lighter while the difference is only 80g. The thinness of the device is probably not foreign to us grasp this impression is because the better the shot. This is especially evident with the SmartCover. The grip has been revised and we must admit that it works. Note also the back straight, which results in not to swing the camera when he is on a flat surface.

According to the general design is a matter of taste. Now with a white version and a black version, needless to say that the black version is more class, cons for the white version, it can serve those who use an iPad for reading books. In drafting, it is pretty unanimous, one preferred design for the iPad 1, sharper and more modern somewhere, even if the finish is still flawless.

Regarding performance, the new Dual Core processor A5 does its job and makes the difference compared to a processor A4 is faster and more fluid in use everyday. Obviously, this does not show on current applications, but in general usage and optimized applications such as Real Racing 2 HD Infinity Blade, it's pretty obvious, it loads faster and it does not during the saccade Exit Thurs sometimes lag between orders and the game This is probably even more impressive when you leave Real Racing 2 HD 1080p on a big screen following his future update (see here). As long as you can plug in a controller in Bluetooth, you could have a nice portable console. If you want numbers, there are tools like Geekbench and after the different results gleaned from the web, we obtained an average score greater than 75% for 2 versus iPad iPad 1.

The screen and sound

Quick word to the screen that has won a passing LED backlight always with an IPS panel, which results in a better light and also a better contrast, especially in bright conditions. By cons, when the image is black or dark, we note two white lights at the bottom left of the screen, not very aesthetic. Although in normal condition, we will ignore these two lights, it's still annoying! For colors, I have not done any measurements or other but it seems rather homogeneous. Regarding the speaker, and although I found it better with a more clear and more powerful. Of course, nothing beats the real headphones or speakers but for the multimedia internet, not bad at all.

The AFN and Visio

One of the criticisms of the iPad 1, was his lack of video camera, and although Apple has listened somewhere since you now find a camera and a video camera. We regret the fact that Apple have been a little stingy on the performance of these NPC.
Indeed, the camera only offers a video resolution VGA screen and a 9.7 ", it shows right away with that FaceTime uses the screen in its entirety! On the other hand, it is used to this kind of resolution for the video camera so we'll do with it, even if we would have liked even that of the 1.3 megapixels.

What about the camera that lets you record video in 720p but provides a sensor with a lower resolution than the screen first (Photo of 960 × 720 1024 × cons 768). I invite you to view photos on Flickr to get an idea of ​​the poor quality of the sensor, especially in low light.

Anyway, as I can understand the usefulness of the video camera, as the NPC, I remain skeptical. In fact, I do not see myself taking pictures or videos with an iPad at arm's length above the beast is still 600g, which is not nothing. It's like using a laptop to take pictures, it's a bit nawak, right?

In talking with a reporter, he talked to me the idea of ​​being able to catch for a note taking. Even then, it must be adequate tool because the software integrated note-taking does not even allow, and then I think I'll go faster with another digital camera to take photos and iPad 2 take notes at the same time. In this regard, Evernote has been updated with the release of the iPad 2 to allow just taking pictures for a note taking. But beyond this specific case, I do not think the NPC is really necessary. I would, ultimately, preferred a video camera with greater resolution and no camera at all.

The new integrated applications

With the video camera, needless to say that now exists in version FaceTime iPad. Nothing to add from the versions iPhone, iPod touch, or Mac OSX, it works the same way. For cons, the limited resolution makes it has big pixels on the screen because it is necessarily the full screen.Besides, it also hosts Photobooth, a small application that lets you take pictures of you and to apply various effects. I will advise you of the coup as an application rather IncrediBooth much more fun. A quick note on applications such as Mail and Safari that benefit from the increased RAM to store more in memory and therefore recover more quickly.


Well, for autonomy, Apple had the right formula with iPad first name since found a similar independence from easy up to ten minutes. Now it's actually based on your usage. If you play a lot, needless to say that the battery will take a hit, though less than the iPad 1. But in general, no worries on that side! Moreover, these are the games that really uses the most. In my everyday use, a video in 480p than fifty minutes. AVI was 6% less autonomy so it goes!

HDMI output

Needless to say that it will pass through a dock adapter / HDMI to 39 €. Once passed to the credit union, the joys of replication screen and frankly, it works well for both the video than anything else. And as things are pretty well made with a hefty price tag, the adapter works with other devices iOS last generation, finally after the presentation because I have not managed to run the adapter with an iPhone 4. Also, I remind you that this replication video format for now so 4 / 3 it will be on your external display. But when you know that Real Racing 2 HD arrives (see HERE) soon with 1080p output, it makes you wonder about the possibilities, albeit competition is already possible.

The SmartCover

With iPad 2, Apple unveiled the SmartCover, a screen protector of the most astute. Indeed, binding to the manner of a MagSafe plug on the side of the iPad 2, it has more of a magnet that will ensure the iPad status when it is on the device. Similarly, when you raise the SmartCover, it will turn the iPad. Clever. Open type, it will protect your screen from scratches. By cons, you will not be protected from the dust that will also tend to follow grooves / folds than anything else, all on your screen of course. As the design, needless to say that the back of the iPad 2 will not be protected.
Besides, I can only congratulate Apple for inventing the folding SmartCover since it will provide support for the iPad 2, nothing to say, it's super smart. In addition, if you fold in half and you just put it in the back of the camera, it provides a better grip of the device. For the latter, I do not know if it's done on purpose but it works really well with games that require you to take the iPad 2 as a controller. In small least we would have liked a magnet on the back of the iPad to hold SmartCover precisely when it is back. And since Apple is an accessory, it has a price, 39 € for the normal versions and 69 € for the leather version ... Yes, this is a business to Apple itself.


So needless to remind you that the iPad 2 is an evolution of the iPad, first name. Apple has kept an honest and fair price, which is not worse. We can always rail against the rigidity of the OS, the system closed around iTunes does not support the flash, etc. ..., we must admit that this also works with the public. Obviously, until a revolution, Apple has upgraded its iPad for it at the technical level of its competitors.

If you do not iPad and you expect this new iPad 2 to change the pitch then you can go, you will not be disappointed. For those who already have an iPad, unless you really need the video and you're a big player on IOS, you can go your way. For those who hesitates with a tablet Android, Blackberry WebOS or Tablet, you already know what is iOS with more and less. And when I see the new user interfaces that happen, to keep iOS only benefit the ecosystem already complete and mature.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No keyboard / Dock for Apple iPad 2

Predictably. If the iPad first generation has seen some dedicated accessories keyboard / dock which had been spoken here, there will not be the same for the iPad 2.

It's Phil Schiller, repeated here, which indicates a client Apple hint.

Asked whether a keyboard dock special is planned for the iPad 2, Phil responded that most users prefer to use the keyboard iPad Touch and in other cases they prefer the BT wireless keyboard to used with Apple iPad, iPhone and Mac!

One can imagine that sales have not necessarily been the rendezvous for the keyboard dock and an Apple iPad has decided not to renew the experience.

You had already spoken, we do not recommend this keyboard at all, less versatile than the BT wireless keyboard and especially complicated to carry with its dock protruding on top.

The Apple Wireless Keyboard Bluetooth is available on the Apple site at a price of 69 euros here, here's a picture:

Otherwise, for fans of keyboards, you should see the arrival of keyboard cases built in the iPad 2 as we have seen for iPad 1 here or there, with unfortunately too rare availability QWERTY version.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

iPad, MacBook Pro: minor revisions until something better?

Apple Store closures expected to succeed at a steady pace in the coming days. The ball will start today with the arrival of new MacBook Pro. In terms of innovations, this new range is presented as an incremental update, which should be distinguished by the adoption of SSD arrays, generalized processor Core i and the arrival of the famous port Thunderbolt. But to iLounge, the best is yet to come. The next generation expected for 2012 should be a major revision with significant changes in terms of design. One thing is certain, it is not shortage of ideas to Apple (read: The future of the MacBook keyboard but will not with sensors).

But the most interesting revelations concerning the iLounge iPad 2. Lately, there have been lots of rumors going in all directions; some left waiting for this model would be commercially available in June, while others argued that the initial production of tablets is less than expected.

For iLounge, there is some truth behind these rumors, and Apple has had to readjust his plans.

The site cannot say whether Apple would respond to the problems encountered, we have the right to a minor revision of the device until better in the fall. iLounge mentions the possibility of an iPad 1.5 which could still be called iPad 2 but did not have all the features originally planned for this model. The Cupertino Company would deal with production problems in the short term and give a little air. To our colleagues, the situation resembles that Apple had known at the launch of the iPod touch 3G, whose camera was withdrawn at the last minute due to production problems.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Orange down a little price iPad and evokes the arrival of the iPad 2

In turn, Orange has timidly down the price of the iPad. It offers the tablet from Apple in its 16GB version starting at 249 €, 30 € less than previously. This price includes a reimbursement coupon of 100 €. The 32 GB is sold for its share from 329 € and 64 GB from 389 €.

By comparison, Vodafone has dropped its prices yesterday moved the 32 GB price of 16 GB, or € 279.90 and the 32GB from € 379.90. As we told you yesterday, if an iPad first generation seems you enough for your needs, rather go for a ride on the refurb.

Meanwhile, Orange has announced the imminent arrival of the iPad 2 of his shop, without giving details or on the date of availability nor its price ...

On the other hand, you are very likely to write about the release date of the iPad 2. Unofficially, the launch of the tablet from Apple is still scheduled for next Friday starting at 17 hours. These are certainly the latest information communicated received several companies responsible for disposing.

Still, it was exactly like last year before Apple decides to delay the marketing of the iPad in Europe of a month. The decision was reached directly from the United States without anyone (or almost) never have known this side of the Atlantic before. If Apple chooses to postpone the sale of its shelf internationally, stakeholders will - as always - informed of this decision at the last moment.

Anyway, we should know the end of the story early next week. Apple, which never misses an opportunity to brag after marketing a new product, is surprisingly quiet since the beginning of the week, just stating that the application for the iPad 2 is "incredible".

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

John Gruber - Daring Fireball and Jason Snell - Macworld

As noted in the test of Gruber, a test more focused on graphics performance. He used a custom application designed by one of the authors of Tap Revenge. It displays hundreds if not thousands of sprites on the screen, moving being influenced by the effects of gravity and trying to keep up to three contacts on the screen.

With iPad 1 and 200 sprites, we get 45 frames per second. On the iPad 2, with double, 400 sprites you climb to 65 fps On the iPad 1 it must descend to 100 sprites to 60 fps while the two must put 750 sprites on the screen to fall below 60 fps All this without changing the software code, which bodes well for future applications when they have been optimized.

Macworld has also conducted some performance tests with unequivocal results on the capabilities of the new JavaScript engine "Nitro" But recovered Safari (tested each time with IOS 4.3), time to start and complete display of the page host a site.

Reading other tests TechCrunch, PC Mag to name a few, led to similar conclusions. The iPad 2 is a strong evolution of the first model. Not necessarily able to generate alternative vocations, but the product has something to attract the greatest number.

Its cameras are judged by all pretty disappointing (by Apple promotes luck rather the use of video), GarageBand amazes even those who have a musical background, then iMovie seems more a scaled down version of its cousin on the Mac. PC Mag has also echoed these crashes with two applications (soon sold € 3.99 each on the App Store). Critical acclaim as the Protection Cover Smart, very smart in how it binds almost alone on the iPad, and no problems with either the HDMI adapter.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Joshua Topolsky - Engadget

Engadget for the message is clear, the iPad 2, with changes in design and new performance, is already ahead of the competition, but is it that this model is worth it for those who have already an iPad, and can he win newcomers to the shelves?

The endowment in memory (512 MB where competitors are going to put 1 GB) left on his hunger Topolsky, provided it did not identify any problems using the fact that quantity. Same comment on the definition unchanged from the screen, it does not serve the iPad but with e-books would have improved the comfort of reading (especially when one has got used to the iPhone 4, ndr).

The new speaker and the new location produce a cleaner sound, but nothing inherently better than the previous model.

"The performance of this processor and graphics tablet is impressive. The iPad 2 gave excellent results, whatever we do with the games and applications drawing on the graphics seem to display more frames per second, even when using software that instructed the processor as GarageBand, it has rarely (if ever) gave the impression of being at the sentence. "

The battery life is excellent, according to the site. Their iPad was not plugged in for almost five days while he was solicited on 3G, Wi-Fi, GarageBand, mail, video, photos, etc.. And when the reload, it still showed 30% of reserves. On the video playback, Engadget has found roughly the same score as the Wall Street Journal, with 10:26, two hours longer than the Xoom.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Emphasize

Finding also identical on both cameras "Let it all clearly: both cameras are really bad. They are not useless, but it is clear that the sensors used are by no means the highest level." Apple appears to have regained component of the iPod touch (which left no good memories) and on this point the advantage it gives to the Xoom. For FaceTime's going again, but nothing more. And even if a tablet is not intended to be a camera, the iPad 2 is clearly disappointing in this respect.

More details to emphasize, GarageBand has packed the author (who comes from the world of music production), iMovie was less impressed, but in both cases these two applications were planted at various times, showing that they were still refine level stability.

The conclusion is clear and unambiguous "It will perhaps frustrate the competition to hear that, but it must be said: the iPad is not only the best tablet on the market, it seems that the only tablet on the market. " It is not without flaws Topolsky adds, citing a definition screen stamped 2010, bad cameras and notable gaps in the OS in particular notification system, given the price and what GarageBand suggests as possibilities software, there is little material to be difficult.

For owners of an iPad an update is not absolutely essential unless you want a camera. By cons, those who have not yet tablet iPad 2 is an invitation to dive.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Walt Mossberg - Wall Street Journal

"Although this is an evolution rather than revolutions as the first model, the changes made by Apple are generally pleasant and positive, the device worked well. For most average users not techies, I recommend against many competing tablets I have tested so far, especially with entry-level price remains attractive. "

"Placed on a table between the old and the iPad, Motorola XOOM, the iPad 2 gives them an air puffy. Its surface is not even at the height of the side buttons of the first model. And although the weight difference is not huge (601 g against 680 g on the model Wi-Fi, ndr), Mossberg has still found a significant improvement when taking in hand the iPad 2.

Same comment as regards the speed of operation, no major differences, but clearly discernible gain, applications will launch a little faster and the whole is very reactive "It has never crashed during my tests, contrary all tablets Android that I tested. Given other tests, Mossberg was probably not too forced on the new iMovie and GarageBand, more prone to crashes.

Some items are subject to criticism, and are found in most reviews. "His camera takes mediocre pictures" If the video quality is considered "decent" Mossberg that Apple offers regrets cameras "disappointing" when it includes new applications and photo opts for quality.

On autonomy, it has not found the score of the previous model. A little over 10 hours cons iPad 11.30 with a continuous play of video, with Wi-Fi and 3G active and screen brightness at 75% Consolation Xoom on the same test takes less than iPad 2. But he could hold his office for 48 iPad using various applications (Mail, books, FaceTime, Twitter, Safari, etc.).

Also a critique on the new design, flatter and more rounded edges that make it a little trickier connecting accessory. Nevertheless it is to his taste for the best tablet on the market for the average user.