Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mac OS X Lion Redesigned !!!

Believe, the latest build of Mac OS X Lion brings something new on Find your Mac. In previous betas, some evidence suggested that Apple would incorporate this feature in Mac OS X, this no longer seems to be doubted that with new build which includes among others an icon for this service.

Also found in the system, a reference to find my Mac Messenger. 9to5 messenger believes this would make the link with the user in case of computer theft. Left to speculate, it is not surprising that this new feature takes place in icloud.

Failing to make big new features, this version seems to have many cosmetic changes here and there. Thus, the download manager in Safari has been reviewed. The bubbles in iChat have also been slightly redesigned, like the bars of tabs in preferences. And they put forward some changes that reflect a listen to criticism from the first users of Leo. Like buttons showing a panel is selected. In this beta they have taken a more traditional look of button pressed and darkened.

In previous versions of Leo, Apple had also inspired iOS with a principle that the ruler is moved and displayed in a tone remained clear enough to indicate the current panel. This was not necessarily explicit.

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