Thursday, May 26, 2011

Amazon launches competitor to the Mac App Store

Amazon launches competitor to the Mac App Store. Like Downloads available from the Mac Store you can download the software for an apple branded computers. Among the applications available for sale can find Microsoft Office 2011, Toast, both absent for the moment the Mac App Store.

The software library includes 250 titles from Amazon is much less than that of Apple. It is more like that found in the Mac store shelves. Also on the menu: many games signed Feral Interactive, Aspyr, or Electronic Arts.

The user experience offered by Amazon is less polished than that suggested Apple. The company selling online provides a download manager. The user must take care against the facility. On the other hand, there is no mechanism for automatic updating like the Mac App Store.

As on the Mac App Store, you can re-download previously purchased software on the Mac Download Store. Amazon offers more flexibility for publishers; they can decide how many positions on which a license may be installed. To celebrate the promotion of its new service, Amazon is offering a coupon for $ 5 valid until June 1st.

For now, this service is available in the United States. It is in some sense for Amazon to becoming a major player in the world of digital music stores.

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