Monday, May 30, 2011

Samsung: "No, we are not copying Apple"

"We did not copy Apple's designs. We have used many similar designs in recent years. And we think that Apple's claims should not be a legal problem. “This is the line of defense JK Shin, President of Samsung Mobile.

However, this did not stop him from suggesting that the legal battle being waged between the two groups could be extended to new fronts. Remember that last weekend, the Korean company has requested access to prototypes of the iPhone and iPad3 to ipad5 prepare his defense

In addition, as part of the interview given to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung has recognized that he would put the package on Android, especially on the shelves. This does not mean an abandonment of Bada. Finally, to gain market share in the highly competitive market shelves, the Korean company said it would not hesitate to be very aggressive on the pricing plan.

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