Monday, May 30, 2011

DevonThink, MarsEdit and Handy Calculator

The document manager DevonThink had a major update which mainly concerns the function of adding to the manager from a web browser. The publisher updated its extensions and the addition now passes through a window semi-transparent. We can change the title, add a few notes and keywords and choose the document format and the folder that will store the web page. Also on the program, a concept of workspace provided for the Office Pro edition which is to fully safeguard the status of the application to restore it later. DevonThink Pro Office 2.1 also improves compatibility with Outlook and Entourage while all options are entitled to a new home screen and numerous bug fixes. The Mac App Store has not yet been updated.

Also updated MarsEdit, the authoring tool for bloggers. Version 3.3 introduces a new full-screen mode that allows you to concentrate on writing an article; this full-screen mode creates its own space in Mac OS X Lion. MarsEdit now supports transformations from text editor and you can ask the system to read text from this window. A new option sets the font sizes of the main window while the fast mode of writing preferences is now entitled to a preview. MarsEdit 3.3 finally fixes its bugs.

If you find the calculator's default Mac OS X a bit antiquated, Handy Calculator tries to provide an interface more elegant and practical. Like Apple's calculator, Handy Calculator is always in the foreground, but when it is no longer used, it becomes partially transparent. What display the content behind everything possible to return to the calculations if necessary? The calculations are done using the Mac keyboard, or the application's virtual keyboard is easier to manipulate the mouse. The result can then be copied using the usual shortcuts or clicking on the outcome directly.

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