Monday, May 30, 2011

Asus has a MacBook Air competitor

Battered lately, Asus goes on the offensive. On the occasion of the Computex trade show being held in Taipei, the manufacturer has unveiled several products, one of which is presented as a direct competitor to the MacBook Air.

The Asus UX21 includes several ingredients that made the success of Apple's ultraportable: ultrafine (maximum thickness 17 mm), battery incorporated into the computer-in 7 days due to hibernation, wake ultrafast All aluminum design, SSD by default, glass trackpad.

Unusually for a PC, Asus has done in minimalist terms of connectivity: a microphone port HDMI, USB 2.0 and another USB 3.0.

This machine will be launched in September may also give some indications about the MacBook Air 2011 which could be sold next month. The Asus UX21 is based on the platform Huron River. It has a low power processor Sandy Bridge. This is a i5-2557M clocked at 1.7 GHz. It remains to know its price...

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