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Monday, January 30, 2017

iOS 10: The Best Hidden Features

iOS 10
Apple has unveiled new software known as the iOS10 that comprises of so many hidden features that will enable you to cherish comfortable living from all angels without any complications. Now, your world will be in your grip with the innovative features of this software. Just make this your smart choice and enjoy several benefits. There are 10 most imperative features hidden in this software.

  1.  Easiest Way Of Searching Tabs – This version of software allows you to open endless number of tabs simultaneously that too while browsing without leading to any haphazard situation such as keeping track while browsing. You can also rotate your phone the way you want. You can also search new tabs by just going through the search items and Safari filters. 
  2.  iPhone A Kind Of A Magnifier – Here is an added benefit of iOS 10 where you can use your phone to view pictures just like magnifiers. You can also opt for Auto-Brightness setting that will enable you to get a magnificent image of the pictures. 
  3.  A New Kind Of Stopwatch – Along with the Clock app you can also switch to Stopwatch, where you can also find a new face with much magnificent look consisting of several information. 
  4.  Fast Downloading Apps – You can prioritize your apps, as in which one you want to download first. In this way you can organize both uploading and downloading Apps according to your preference. 
  5.  Simplest Way To Find Contacts – Apple has launched a feature in iOS 10 where you can easily get in touch with your contacts. You just need to set the default method of communication by just holding on to the blue icon. 
  6.  Manage The Storage Music Automatically – Now, saving space on your iOS device won’t be hard as you can automatically manage your music storage that gets downloaded to your device. 
  7.  View Mails In One Go – You can view your mailbox by quickly filtering the messages by just a single press on the filter icon that appears on the left side corner of the screen. 
  8.  Want To Unsubscribe? No Problem – iOS 10 gives you the opportunity to free yourself from the newsletters that you get very often. By just sending a mail in iOS 10, you can immediately restrict these disturbing emails by just tapping on the Unsubscribe button that appears on the top of the email. 
  9.  3D Touch – The 3D Touch in Control Center that appears on the lowest section of app icons helps in invoking different icons. This is one of the best features as for selecting an option you no longer have to go though several options, just one smooth touch will allow you multitasking. 
  10.  Take Photo While Listening Music – You must have faced this problem where you had to stop your music player before taking a photo. But, iOS 10 will solve this problem by allowing you to click pictures without turning off your favorite song.

Monday, November 14, 2016

iOS 10: The Best Hidden Features

iOS 10

Apple has released the latest version of its mobile operating system titled ‘iOS 10’ for its iPad and iPhone devices just a few months ago. iOS 10 brought a wide number of changes and tweaks to Apple’s apps along with the overall feel and look of the OS as a whole. Some of the major changes were brought to the Music app and as well contextual predictions related to the auto correct features. Here are top 10 best-hidden features in iOS 10.

  1.  Delete the Default apps- Apple has finally brought the feature to delete the cumbersome default apps on the iOS devices. Users are simply required to go to the Remove Stocks option and it will help in remove the default apps, which are not of much use to you. This will not just delete the default apps but it will also help in saving freeing up the internal space for other usage. 
  2.  Third party apps through voice recognition- Now you can enjoy third-party apps with voice recognition support from Siri on the iOS platform. This will allow you to book an Uber, transfer money through apps like Square Cash and send message on WhatsApp. 
  3.  Smart Maps- Apple Maps has gone through a redesign and come with new advanced capabilities. Now users will be able to look up location even from other apps. 
  4.  Apple News- Apple New now features top stories picked up by human editors. It will also display the ending articles and users will be able to set news alerts from any number of publications of their choice. 
  5.  Smart Photos app- iOS 10 brings an intelligent Photos app. Now users will get a dedicated Places album, which can be viewed, like a library in a map grid style. Users will get much freedom in organizing the photos on their phone with latest update to the Photos app. 
  6.  Advanced facial recognition software- Apple has brought in advanced facial recognition software in iOS 10, which has the capability to scan the photos and create profile. Profile creation is based upon the people present in the user’s camera roll. At this moment this feature is not fine-tuned but with further updates users will get to see a much better system in place.
  7.  View widgets in style- From now on simply swiping to the left of the home screen will allow users to view their widgets. Users can even set this feature to appear right on their lock screen. Apple has even made some of the widgets interactive in order to offer better user experience, which includes apps such as weather, headlines and battery status. 
  8.  Twice the fun- Now users can use both iMessage and WhatsApp on their device. 
  9.  More to choose from- Apple brings one of the widest range of emojis to use in the messages from the Apple devices. 
  10.  Send texts with ease- iMessage bring a wide range of options to send texts from this platform.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Apple iOS 10 Review: The biggest iOS Update, Ever

iOS 10

Apple’s iOS 10 – Main Alterations

An important renovation to iOS operating system had been rolled out by Apple around three years back which was designed by John Ive, Apple’s design chief and the iOS 7 had brought in a completely new experience for the users of iOS. This was in the form of flattened app icons, modern look as well as touch, to new experience which had been seen in Google pursuing in its latest updates on Android.

Apple had gone ahead with the new design in spite of iOS 7 being criticised for being ridiculously colourful as well as slow. The latest couple of updates, iOS 8 and iOS 9, were built on iOS 7 with minor tweaks, enhancements together with new features though at the same time kept the general look as well as the touch somewhat the same.

Apple had rolled out the iOS 10 update for its well-matched iOS devices and like the iOS 7, the iOS 10 of Apple tends to bring in main alterations in the iOS or according to the Tim Cooks’ words that it is `the mother of all releases’.The iOS 10 had been announced and revealed at WWDC 2016 in June, had been released to app developers as a beta testing form.

Ecosystem to Third Party Developers

Shortly thereafter it had been released to non-developer beta testers as portion of the public beta. From then onwards, Apple had made attempt to progressively release efficient beta forms of iOS 10.Apple has taken a massive step ahead with its iOS 10 by opening its ecosystem to third party developers. Moreover, WhatsApp and Truecaller have also joined it with more likely to join in, in the near future.

The iOS 10 for Apple could be the biggest update so far. The iOS 10 seems to be more of a developed approach from Apple, right from opening the OS to third party developers to small thing such as interactive notifications care together with much more customizable widgets that could probably realize the importance of opening up its ecosystem.

 Apple has mentioned that it has redesigned the experience of the lock screen. To unlock the smartphone one needs to `Press home to unlock’ which means that you depend on the fingerprint scanner or passcode. You can modify it by going to Settings> Accessibility> Home button and toggle on the Rest finger to Open feature.

Apple – Focused on New Redesign/Tweaks

This will permit you in unlocking the phone by clicking the side lock/unlock button as well as resting finger on the home button instead of pressing it. However, this would only function on devices having Touch ID. Apple has focused on new redesigned or tweaked areas on the features of iOS 10.

The biggest change to Siri appears to be that Apple has opened it to third party developers which mean that one would be capable of activating non-Apple apps and operate through voice control. QuickType is a convenient and genuine time saver presently though simple. It will tend to be more proactive in bringing in data from the other apps, providing it as part of one’s reactions.

Maps in iOS 10 have a new design and like some of the other apps which have been refurbishedfor the update; it tends to look simpler and cleaner. According to Apple the controls seems to be easier for accessing.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Apple Launches iOS 10 Beta Version to the Public

iOS 10 Beta

Biggest iOS Release - iOS Beta Version

A beta version of Apple’s latest mobile and desktop software, iOS 10 and macOS Sierra has been released by the company. Promoted by the company as `the biggest iOS release ever’, the latest software is said to be intended for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch featuring a revamped lock screen inclusive of the removal of `swipe to unlock’, customisable widgets as well as lively add-ons to iMessage.Though Apple is likely to release the update together with the iPhone 7, users could download the early version of the software using their Apple ID.

The company has been motivating users of beta to report on any bugs or errors they may come across in the iOS, which is not the confirmed version and would be updated all through the testing period before its general release. In order to download the software, the user is required to sign up to the Beta Software Program of Apple utilising the Apple ID.

When the user has signed up they can register the device they would like to upgrade to iOS 10 or macOS Sierra to be able to download the same. Apple has recommended consumers to backup any device they may be utilising for the beta and emphases that since the software is in its testing stage, it may feature malfunctions and viruses.

Altered the Way Users Open their Phones

You can back up the device in Settings by using iCloud or by connecting it to a computer. For those having over one Apple device, the iPhone maker states that it is better to download the beta on a secondary one and once the backup of the device is done, if you would like to update, it can be done by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

The iOS 10 is said to be the most essential change that Apple has released for the software in a few years. To be precise, it has altered the way users tend to open their phones. Picking up a device which runs iOS 10 mechanically lights up the screen showing notifications, weather information, calendar appointments and news updates.

From there, the `swipe to unlock’ feature has been removed by Apple which has been a basic since the first iPhone, the pressing of the home button was the only function needed to unlock the phone. Other useful alteration comprise of customisable widgets, the capability of deleting default apps and voicemail transcription.

Modification in Mac OS Sierra – Assimilation with Sri

To the developers, iMessage has also been opened who can now develop apps within it, which means that users can now order food, send money or shop within messages. The biggest modification in macOS Sierra is the assimilation with Siri that also tends to work now with third party apps.

Siri has got a huge makeover and is much smarter which includes writing your messages, performing image searches as well as transcribing voicemails. Apple Music has brought back useful iTunes features, comprising of the `Recently Added and Recently Played’, segments.

 It has also included statistics in Browse and For You, which has daily playlists, top charts as well as radio, somewhat like Spotify Discover Moreover the computer software also comprises of updates to the Photos app, tabs for every app and Apple Music.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Apple has Removed its Most Annoying Feature from iOS 10


Apple Confirms – Default Apps Can be Deleted

When faced with shortage of storage space, it tends to be quite frustrating. You are unable to take a photo or download a new song. You tend to be incapable of streaming anything since your phone seems to get too slow. Useless apps which are never used such as Wallet, Find Friends, Tips, and Stocks are not removable and are just there. Till now, Apple had announced a host of new features at the WWDC Conference, ranging from smarter Siri to bigger emojis. But what was not mentioned was the fact that you would soon be capable of deleting default apps in order to save space. The supporters of Apple had observed these default apps are now made available for download on the App store which means that beginning with iOS 10, Apple would be permitting iPhone and iPad users to delete any built-in apps which users may not need and download them again later if the need arises. Those who have downloaded the developer beta have tweeted the change, observing that a bunch of default apps like Weather, Music, Calendar, Mail and Stocks can now be deleted though there seems to be some exceptions, such as Messages, Photos, Camera, Health, Settings, Safari together with clock,that are still stuck probably since they seem to be too integral to the system.

Guidelines for Saving Space 

A full help page, had been released by Apple confirming the apps that could be removed from your home screen with the iOS 10 update. All these apps tend to use less than 150 MB and it is always good to avoid unwanted clutter on the home screen. The following are the guidelines to make space on your iPhone –

Know your stats

Under Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage, one can see precisely how much space is available and a list in descending order on which apps have taken the maximum space.

Stop Storing Texts

Texting could take up much space than one may realise, particularly if you tend to send a lot of photos and videos. Besides deleing threads, one could go to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages and select 30 days. Your iPhone tends to set it to Forever by default.

Getting Rid of Temporary Files 

It is essential to purge cookies, browsing data and your dingy browser history in Safari which can be done by going to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Date. This would instantly free up the much required space.

Beware of Internal Downloads

Those using Spotify or Podcast would observe that they seem to be the biggest offenders.Plenty of files downloads on the phone offline could utilise plenty of gigabytes of space. You could delete you may not needs or go to the app’s settings, de-selecting any option to download files for use whenever your phone seems to be in offline mode. You could also check through ebooks, notes and voice memos.

Scrap Photo Stream 

Photo Stream tends to automatically sync up your last 1000 photos across your devices which means that 1000 of the photos seems to be taking up double space. In order to turn this feature off, you could go to Settings> Photos & Camera and toggle off My Photo Stream.

Maintain a Regular `App Cleanse’

Maintain a monthly cleansing by going through and deleting any app you may not use or have forgotten that it is there and has been occupying valuable space.

Turn Off `Save Original Photos’ 

If you are utilising photo-based apps such as Instagram, there is no option to save whatever photos that are published to Camera Roll. In the case of Instagram, it is switched on automatically which is meaningless if the image is already uploaded. In order to turn this off, you could open the app and go to its Settings, turning off `Save Original Photos’.