Monday, October 17, 2016

Hover Camera Passport iPhone Connected Flying 4K Selfie Cam

Hover Camera Passport

Hover Camera Passport – Exceptional Flying Camera

The latest released Hover Camera Passport is said to be one of the most exceptional flying cameras having a durable and portable lightweight design together with competitive price which is easy to use through an iPhone app. AppleInsider have provided their first impressions after they had gained an opportunity to get hold of the camera.Though it tends to have much in common with the other flying cameras, naming the Zero Zero Robotics Hover Camera Passport a drone would not be completely fair.

Instead of flying long distances or sporting a high end camera and gimbal, it tends to aim on being simple as possible for utilisation and transport.The most remarkable thing regarding the Passport is its design which when folded; being the size of an old VCR tape tends to be almost half a pound and is much lighter than expected.

The protective grates enable the users to hold the Passport safely without any anxiety of the propellers cutting the fingers. When unfolded, it can be seen as an adjustable camera with flash on the front of the device. It has the potential of capturing 4K ultra high definition video and 13-megapixel images which puts it on the same level with iPhone 6s lens of Apple.

Linked to iOS Device

The Passport comprises of sensors towards the bottom together with sonar to measure the distance from air to the ground which enables safe indoor use. This tends to provide the drone with some insight on how far it could be from the ground thus assisting it in maintaining a set altitude. The Hover Camera is linked to an iOS device through direct Wi-Fi which restricts its range. However, this device is not actually planned to contend with the types of DJI or the new GoPro Karma.

On the contrary it is a tiny and portable camera enabling the user to capture quick aerial shots with the least exertion. The Passport has been well designed for the iOS app, providing easy onscreen touch controls for altitude, backward, forward and operating left to right. Moreover, the Passport also tends to turn towards the left or right with a finger swipe on the screen of the iPhone and swiping up or down positions the movable camera towards the front of the device.

iPhone App – Advanced Auto-Camera Modes

The Hover Camera Passport package comprises of two batteries and a wall adapter which tends to charge both simultaneously, a portable and protective carrying case, spare propellers, and a USB cable for manual firmware updates together with a bag and case strap.

A limited early test with the Hover Camera Passport was very impressive. It seems to be easy to get in the air and the protected propeller tends to prop along with its light weight which means that it is quite safe to fly indoors without the anxiety of any dangerous accident. The iPhone app tends to have advanced auto-camera modes, as well as following a subject or taking video of a 360-degree circular view.

Moreover the included camera flash would provide great shots in low light conditions. For a limited time period, it is priced at $549 and in the next few weeks will be priced at $599. Lot of value and prospective is seen in the Hover Camera Passport.

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