Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Apple iOS 10 Review: The biggest iOS Update, Ever

iOS 10

Apple’s iOS 10 – Main Alterations

An important renovation to iOS operating system had been rolled out by Apple around three years back which was designed by John Ive, Apple’s design chief and the iOS 7 had brought in a completely new experience for the users of iOS. This was in the form of flattened app icons, modern look as well as touch, to new experience which had been seen in Google pursuing in its latest updates on Android.

Apple had gone ahead with the new design in spite of iOS 7 being criticised for being ridiculously colourful as well as slow. The latest couple of updates, iOS 8 and iOS 9, were built on iOS 7 with minor tweaks, enhancements together with new features though at the same time kept the general look as well as the touch somewhat the same.

Apple had rolled out the iOS 10 update for its well-matched iOS devices and like the iOS 7, the iOS 10 of Apple tends to bring in main alterations in the iOS or according to the Tim Cooks’ words that it is `the mother of all releases’.The iOS 10 had been announced and revealed at WWDC 2016 in June, had been released to app developers as a beta testing form.

Ecosystem to Third Party Developers

Shortly thereafter it had been released to non-developer beta testers as portion of the public beta. From then onwards, Apple had made attempt to progressively release efficient beta forms of iOS 10.Apple has taken a massive step ahead with its iOS 10 by opening its ecosystem to third party developers. Moreover, WhatsApp and Truecaller have also joined it with more likely to join in, in the near future.

The iOS 10 for Apple could be the biggest update so far. The iOS 10 seems to be more of a developed approach from Apple, right from opening the OS to third party developers to small thing such as interactive notifications care together with much more customizable widgets that could probably realize the importance of opening up its ecosystem.

 Apple has mentioned that it has redesigned the experience of the lock screen. To unlock the smartphone one needs to `Press home to unlock’ which means that you depend on the fingerprint scanner or passcode. You can modify it by going to Settings> Accessibility> Home button and toggle on the Rest finger to Open feature.

Apple – Focused on New Redesign/Tweaks

This will permit you in unlocking the phone by clicking the side lock/unlock button as well as resting finger on the home button instead of pressing it. However, this would only function on devices having Touch ID. Apple has focused on new redesigned or tweaked areas on the features of iOS 10.

The biggest change to Siri appears to be that Apple has opened it to third party developers which mean that one would be capable of activating non-Apple apps and operate through voice control. QuickType is a convenient and genuine time saver presently though simple. It will tend to be more proactive in bringing in data from the other apps, providing it as part of one’s reactions.

Maps in iOS 10 have a new design and like some of the other apps which have been refurbishedfor the update; it tends to look simpler and cleaner. According to Apple the controls seems to be easier for accessing.

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