Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Windows Laptop Which Rise Up to the Level of MacBook

A number of time laptop manufacturers have tried to mimic the design and specification of MacBook in order to divert customers from Apple product but they had failed miserably. Even when ZenBook 3 is compared with MacBook then it bows down in two areas i.e. the amazing ecosystem of Apple and battery life. However ZenBook has a number of features in terms of functionality, design and capability which ranks higher than the Macbook. Given the fact it is a Windows OS based laptop the adoption rate is expected to rise steeply and popularity will grow from thereon.

Configuration of ZenBook3

ZenBook 3 possesses Intel Core i7- 7500 processor couples with 16 GB RAM and a 512 GB of hard disk. At this configuration the price would be around $1,600 for the US market but it will be bit pricier in the international market. If Asus opted for releasing a low key version of ZenBook 3 with i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 256 storage then it will be in the affordable segment of $1000. ZenBook has a standard 1920 x 1080 screen resolution for its 12.5 non touch screen display which is a major letdown as premium laptop in sub 13-inch screen possess 2560 x 1440 or higher screen resolution.

Designed to surprise and amaze

This particular ZenBook features a relatively new and refined look with circular brushed pattern at the back and a deep blue color. The hinge placed on ZenBook 3 happens to be lighter and offer a great comfort in holding the device. Apple is known to offer incredible hardware coupled with its own robust operating system which is tough for competitors to overcome. Asus had a tough challenge in front of it but it has been able to produce a gem in form of ZenBook 3 having a sublime design and an enhanced, predictable and highly responsive touchpad. The two finger scroll will remind users of MacBook and it even has the three finger swipe which shows all open windows on the system.

Zenbook 3 has a backlit keyboard and a huge number of preloaded apps or software which are marginally useful. Applications include Evernote, TripAdvisor, Dropbox along with 5 GB worth of Asus cloud-based storage and an intuitive display option called Asus Eye Care Switcher which changes the screen mode to blue light to reduce eyestrain.

Faster than a MacBook

ZenBook 3 comes loaded with Intel Core i7 chipset which lends it amazing performance capability. It offers incredible experience devoid of any lags or stuttering when it comes to web surfing, gaming, HD video playback, general office tasks along with photo video editing. On a video loop test ZenBook 3 gave a battery life of approximately 7 hours.

ZenBook 3 is the best option for those who are looking for highly portable and user friendly device with Windows OS. Quite interestingly ZenBook 3 has faster processor than the Macbook and comes with a mini-dock without any extra charges.

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