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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Home Office Solutions

Have you just landed your dream job working from home? Whether you’ve been given the green light to work remote in your current position or have landed a new gig altogether, working from home can be very alluring. Follow these recommendations from the professionals to ensure your remote position is a success. The thought of forgoing the morning commute and working in your sweatpants is no doubt very appealing. Keep these points in mind before taking the plunge.

Working from home requires a huge amount of self-discipline. Can you work to your maximum productivity levels without supervision? One of the best ways to set yourself up for success is to create a work environment that is as free of distractions as possible and maintain a consistent work schedule. These are the two key elements of successfully working from home.

Designate an area in your home for your home office. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select one of the many desks available at Pier 1 that are appropriate for residential use. If you’re fortunate enough to have a spare bedroom to set up as a home office, you’ve won half the battle. The advantages of a separate room for a home office are many. It will have fewer distractions and you’ll be able to close the door at the end of the work day and make an easier transition to your private life. Otherwise, designate another area in your home for the home office. Avoid the temptation to comingle home finance papers, children’s school work and family activity planning from your professional work space.

Finally, commit to starting your work day at the same time each day and wrapping up at a consistent time. You will be more productive if you cease work at the end of the day and engage in work life balance. Stay in contact with your office coworkers by visiting the office or staying in touch via email or conference calls. Best of luck to you on your new work from home career.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Five Ways to Save Money when Buying Apple Goodies!

As everyone knows, buying any Apple product is going to take a big dent out of your pocket, but if you are a die-hard fan, there is not much you can do but grin and pay up. Class costs money. However, there some ways you can still buy the products and not have to spend every last cent you have. Follow our guide below on how to save money on Apple Gear:

1. Apple Storage Tips

Apple prices each iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch $100 or so more than each bigger one depending on the storage capacity – 16GB, 64GB or 128GB. So work out your storage needs before you buy so you are not caught short and have to lay out money for larger storage capacity down the line. And the Macs are the same – prices increase the bigger they get. If you have a 16GB iPhone and are using up to75% of that, then you need to think about getting 64GB one instead. Rather buy the bigger one first time round.


2. Use Apple Coupon Codes Refurbished Apple products can also be picked at good prices with the use of Coupons. Apple itself rarely has sales or discounts, but coupons are also available on last year’s editions of their products. The minute a new model hits the stores, the older one drops significantly in price and you can pick it up for a steal with coupons. Students and teachers in the Education sector can always pick up a iPhone or MacBook at an education discount. All orders over $50 will qualify for free shipping, or the products can be collected at any Apple Store.

3. Selling your Current Apple Product

Don’t forget that if you want to sell your present iPhone or MacBook, it is worth quite a bit of money – anything with Apple hardware is worth good money. Instead of throwing it into a box in your garage, browse the internet and see what you can get for selling it on a bidding website or other Used Goods websites. And some companies buy old equipment. And finally, Apple sometime have a trade-in day where you can trade in or exchange your old product for a certain amount or a discount on a newer version.

4. Consider Refurbished Apple Equipment

Apple also sell reconditioned Macs and iPads, so you don’t always have to buy brand new – if it is Apple, you know it is trustworthy. You might also pick up some good deals on last year’s products. And just because it is ‘second hand’ it does not mean it is cheap! Because Apple quality lasts for a lifetime, you will still get things in tip top condition, but at a better price than a new one.

5. Apple Warranty

Wherever you purchased your Apple product – store, second hand or refurbished, the warranty does with it. The 3 year Apple Care plan is assigned to the serial number so you will always have it if you need it.

So, all in all, buying an Apple product will stand you in good stead for a long time. Plan carefully when you first buy one and make sure the storage is big enough. Then look after it, and by the time you are ready to buy a new one, there will be someone around glad to buy your old, well-looked after one.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Get a Best Online Shopping Experience!

Platform at DealGuru / Askme Bazaar Deals with Sellers

With the entry of the internet, several activities have been improved which are a lot quicker and easier. Service providers have been rendering great services to consumers which tend to be easy and comfortable when it comes to shopping online. One will find a variety of products that are made available at askme bazaar which are presently operating with over 1000 and above,live dealswith more the 900 plus sellers.

This platform has been created at DealGuru which helps sellers in liquating any excess inventory and AskmeBazaar team is the one dealing with sellers all across the country providing consumers with products at discounted prices. DealGuru and AskmeBazaar are correlated wherein AskmeBazar does the task of requesting sample products from the reputed sellers, does a review on them and then identifies a suitable rate for the product which needs to be confirmed by the seller and then it goes live on DealGuru.

All the contents and the images is carried out by AskmeBazaar on all the products while DealGuru does the task of generating orders and ensures the delivery of the products to the respective consumers. This is followed by a confirmation call which is done to the buyer once the delivery is done from their end.

List of Endless Products 

The categories of the products that are made available at the site are Apparel and fashion accessories, automobile accessories, art and decorative items, cosmetic and perfumes computer and peripherals, furnishing, furniture, home and kitchen appliances, watches, eye wear and much more products. Consumers are provided with the opportunity of viewing the product from multiple stores before they can indulge in the purchase of any of the products that are listed at the site and are offered at great prices.

These offers with attractive rates could be very beneficial to the consumers while they last.User also have the option of navigating through the search engine in locating products of their choice and also get to know on the products by going through the details and specifications that are made available at the site for the benefit of the consumers.On delivery of the products, the amount which has been agreed upon with regards to charges and commissions is then transferred to the seller after the necessary deductions are made. 

AskmeBazaar Guarantees Purchases – Getit Trust Seal

Besides this, AskmeBazaar also undertakes the process return request if the need arises for the same. AskmeBazaar also guarantees all their purchases done with their unique getit trust seal, enabling user ratings on products as well as sellers. Shopping at askme bazaar is easy and also economical wherein consumers are provided with the opportunity of making purchases on the products of their choice while at the same time they are offered below the marked price.

Besides this, the shopping expedition is comfortable since the need to venture out and locate product does not arise and this activity can be done through a computer, laptop or the mobile device with internet connectivity wherein on following the required procedure of shopping and payment process, the order is then delivered to the desired destination of the consumer.