Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Apple’s Doxie Go Battery Operated Scanner

Apple, it was reported has recently joined hands with Doxie battery powered `Doxie Go’, portable scanner which is considered to make the task of scanning much simpler. Doxie has been selling a series of portable scanners which are battery operated with a sheet feeder that could feed one sheet of paper or one photo at a time.

The scanners are pretty good for immediate and short task which promises to lighten up the function of scanning while on the go. The Doxie Go could be something useful sinceit is a small battery powered scanner which can be used in a variety of options to scan photos, sketches, book etc.

Doxie Go priced at $199 which is designed to be used on its own can occasionally be connected to a computer when its memory is full. Its unique design fits into this purpose accurately and while the scanner is made of matte, soft touch black plastic with Apple style white cover over the top, it is slightly taller and wider than the ultraportable Fujitsu ScanSnapS1100 which was used as a benchmark.

Scanner with Adequate Built-in Memory 

Inspite of its packing of a built in battery which according to the company is fairly good for scanning around hundred pages per charge, the Doxie seems to be marginally heavier than its Japanese counterpart and those dealing with adequate paper needed along with scanner around are unlikely to feel burdened by the Doxie presence.

It sports a single powered button at the upper right side which includes a built in multicolour LED that acts as the scanner’s status indicator, where a green light indicates the scanner is in its default 300 DPI mode while the orange glow indicates a higher resolution 600 DPI setting.

The scanner comprises of enough built in memory to contain around 450 pages of documents or 1800 photos in 300 DPI mode though heavy user could plug a USB thumb drive or SD card in its chassis for any additional storage. Moreover it works with Wi-Fi enabled DS cards, enabling users to eschew wires while downloading documents.

Power Brick and Interchangeable Plugs

The unit is packed with apower brick and interchangeable plugs which are used for different outlet layouts together with a USB cable for charging and sync, quick start documentation, along with a photo sleeve, a cleaning and calibration tool.

On connecting to the power, the unit takes around an hour to charge out of the box and then scanning is a very simple process with turning on the Doxie and sliding a piece of paper into the slot. The scanner can scan anything from a business card of 8.5 inch by 15 inch sheet though large documents which can be scanned was 8.5 inch by 14 inch as per U.S. legal size paper.

The process of scanning is swift, with sheets sliding in within a span of six seconds each though it seems to be nearly one second per page slower than the ScanSnap; Doxie is much preferred due to its paper handling design which does not angle the paper as in the case of the ScanSnap.

Doxie’s Software Smart Caching & Triaging App

Doxie is essentially on par with ScanSnap with regards to image quality. Colours seems to be fading slightly with some black and white documents showing odd colour in finely textured areas though none of these affect the readability of the documents.

Images can also be pulled out from the Doxie memory as from a digital camera and is more useful when combined with a software organiser. Doxie’s software offer is a smart caching and triaging app which is only available for download through the company’s site and is not included in the package. On importing, each scan shows a separate document leaving the option to the user to collate, save and export them.

It is to be noted that the Doxie gets automatically mounted in OS X once the same is plugged in and with the combination of the scanner’s power saving auto off feature, it can be a random `disk not ejected properly warning from OS X which does not seem to harm the data.

Capabilities to Export Documents as PNG/PDF/JPG

The software also enables uses to rename or even rotate their scans before deciding what needs to be done besides the individual pages of multi-page document which can be stapled back together. While Doxie could be relied as a sort of digital junk drawer, people would tend to take advantage of its various integrations.

Moreover, documents could also be exported directly as PNG, PDF or JPG files with provision of options of sharing through email, iMessage or AirDrop and send them to cloud service like Dropbox, OneNote or even pushing them to post processing application like Photoshop of iPhoto.

Before the entry of the Doxie Go, Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 was used due to its portability but with Doxie Go, many prefer it, due to its paper handing, ease of use as well as the ability to run through its pile of documents without the interruption of administrative details.

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