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Apple’s design history by industrial designer Hartmut Esslinger

Apple Likely to Unveil iWatch Soon 

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There is a possibility that Apple may unveil an iWatch somewhere later this year though it would not be the first time that the company has considered a wrist worn communicator as per a recent published Apple’s design history by industrial designer Hartmut Esslinger. According to an image from Esslinger’s book entitled `Keep it Simple:The Early Design Years of Apple’, portrays a keypad which is designed to be worn on a user’s wrist which pairs with a wireless headset and the image is one of those excerpted from the book which was published by German weekly Die Zeit. Apple is said to be coming with the wearable segment with the rumoured iWatch and while the company has managed to keep thing under wraps, Esslinger’s disclosure has given food for thought that it is not the first time that the company has developed a smart wrist watch.

Monolithic, Foldable Workstation in Box Concept

The keypad has around twelve key in all, one each for the number 0 to 9 and which appears to be one key each for star and pound. The headset on the other hand is a single earpiece design which has in integrated microphone that could curve around to the wearer’s mouth. Besides this, it has a monolithic, foldable workstation in a box concept, based on the Lisa and large looking prototype has a full Lisa computer, a monitor together with a telephone and printer all in a single package. Both these pieces follow the `Snow White’ design language which Esslinger had created at the request of late Apple CEO Steve Jobs in 1984. At first the designs appeared in production with the Apple IIc and the company started phasing Esslinger’s work out after the release of the Macintosh IIfx in the year 1990. While Esslinger joined Apple in 1982, on an exclusive contract, he left the company after Job’s exit. He followed Jobs to NeXT though he did not join Apple again on Jobs’ return in the year 1997.

Keep it Simple - Authentic Incident between Hartmut Esslinger & Steve Jobs 

`Keep it Simple’, is the authentic incident between Hartmut Esslinger and Steve Jobs that originated in 1982 leading them in the partnership between the designer and the entrepreneur which became revolutionary with regards to historic dimension. Steve Jobs took the first step to make strategic design the core of Apple’s Business Strategy.

Thereafter Apple expanded from a technology focused company into one of the world’s most renowned and successful global brands which was achieved by creating and delivering innovative as well as intelligent products.

Though there are many books about Apple and Steve Jobs, many professionals all over would want to be in his shoes, or would even want their company to be as successful as Apple and hence they absorb account of his work with the intention of getting the magic recipe from these books.

This book relates the account of Apple’s evolution from the inside with its initial conception when Steve was driven by his power of design and developed the strategic core of Apple’s business model. Besides, the book is for all Apple users, fans as well as critics who can get to know about the origin of the products together with the brand they favour so much portraying the story of the most amazing creative journey overcoming various obstacles both within and across the wider technology industry.

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