Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Apple’s Split Screen Multitasking Feature

Split Screen
It is reported that Apple is likely to advance the functionality of the iPad by adding an updated split screen multitasking feature to the iOS 8 tabletsaccording to 9to5Mac and Apple’s latest mobile operating system would probably give iPad users the capabilities to use two applications simultaneously on a single screen in landscape mode with the new multi app split screen support.The new feature is believed to be in the works for iOS 8 with Apple anticipating the next major release of its mobile platform wherein the features have been designed with its full sized 9.7 inch iPad model in mind as well as the iPad Air though speculations are on, regarding the availability of its multi-application support on the 7.9 iPad mini.

Divide iPad Home Screen in Half

For a long time now, iOS had only one app which was displayed on the screen at a time and in early days of iOS, multitasking support was limited to only basic background functions for Apple built apps and multitasking support was not added till iOS 4 which was then iPhone OS 4.0 enabling developers to run specific processes in the background. This new feature would enable users to divide the iPad home screen in half using different app on each side of the partition screen. The feature according to reports will be making it easier for using the two apps together and also making it easier to interact and though this feature is not something which people are looking out for, the split screen multitasking would probably be a shot at Apple’s competition which is similar to Microsoft’s snap multitasking on the Surface as well as resembles multitasking features which have been added to larger Samsung Galaxy devices.

Multiple Application Simultaneously 

The capabilities in viewing multiple application at the same time and snapping them into place on a limited screen space is presently offered by Microsoft’s Surface tablet platform where AppleInsider had the privilege to test the Surface 2 and found that the ability to run two application on the screen simultaneously was the main advantage over Apple’s iPad with regards to productivity. Apple has favoured simplicity over flexibility that has been offered in running two apps at a time and it is difficult to blame the company for this strategy since the iPad remains the most sought after and popular consumer tablet in the market. With ease of use, the iOS has been in demand and Apple is making the utmost efforts to avoid making any more complexes with its latest features.

Unveiling iOS 8 at WWDC

Tablets are excellent and many manufacturers are striving to put their creative minds at work in making them more useful and demanding. It was also reported through 9to5Mac that iOS 8 would also allow apps on screen for interaction with one another where the user would be able to drag and drop content between them. It is said that Apple would be unveiling iOS 8 at its WWDC event early this June. Its focus in multitasking is reportedly centred on iPad Air according to reports, though it is still not clear if the smaller sized iPad mini would be offering support for the feature.

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