Friday, May 9, 2014

Apple hired Senior Medical Professionals

Apple hired Medical Professionals
Apple, it has been reported has hired a team of senior medical technology professionals who would be working on projects.

The technology pacesetter has hired a medical team of senior medical technology executives who had previously worked in the biotech field and over the past year, Apple has hired about six prominent experts in biomedicine as per LinkedIn profile changes and a prominent research had just moved in a couple of weeks ago with Apple recruiting other medical professionals as well as hardware experts.

It is stated by undisclosed source that the number of hires is not clear. Most of the hires are well versed and have some expertise in medical sensor technology which will enable Apple products to analyse everything right from blood sugar levels to heart rate.

Wearable Device Using Sensors

Health, fitness together with medical care has now drawn the focus of major technology companies. Samsung for instance has built up several health’s related features in its Galaxy S5, together with many wearable technology devices recently have similar elements.

Moreover Samsung also has plans of organising an event later in the month to engage in talks related to health issues. It is believed that Apple would be working on some sort of a wearable device which would be unveiled later this year.

It would be using sensors and other technology to track health though it was not initially believed that Apple’s long wait of iWatch would probably be launched this year, it seemed more likely that Apple would launch a smartband instead in partnership with Nike which would deliver those features.

Headphones to Monitor Heart Rate/Blood Pressure 

Although the company has not declared any formal announcement with regards to a smart watch product, Apple is said to have registered the trademark `iWatch’, in Japan.

Most of Apple patents focus on wrist worn devices and in February, the company had filed a patent for a smart ear bud patent which could track steps as well as detect gestures of the head. Recently, a poster on anonymous secret sharing app Secret, revealed that Apple had plans on releasing a set of headphone which could monitor heart rate as well as blood pressure.

The earpods would be using Apple’s iBeacon technology in order to locate them just in case they would be misplaced and would need the lightening jack to work, as reported through a source. Besides, the phone would store the data in a similar way to thumbprint point data, fully encrypted and nothing identifiable.

Recruiting Engineers with Experience in Monitoring Body’s Perimeter

A mobile health executive informed Reuter that he had recently sat down with Apple executive from the iWatch team and said that the company had aspirations beyond wearable devices and speculating on a full health and fitness service platform which would be modelled on its apps store.

The med tech community is hoping on Apple to develop the apps store style platform in order that start-ups can make their own software and hardware mobile medical applications. According to Ted Driscoll, a Silicon Valley based partner at Claremont Creek Ventures that specializes in digital health and medical devices, states that Apple seems to be focussed on recruiting engineers with experience in monitoring the body’s perimeter.

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